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Associations & Societies
American Philosophical Association 
American Society for Aesthetics 
British Society for Aesthetics 
Tennessee Philosophical Assoc. (James Fieser, U. Tennessee at Martin)
Depts. & Programs
Åbo Akademi U. Philosophy Dept., Finland 
Indiana U. Philosophy Dept. 
Johns Hopkins Philosophy Pages 
Kent State U. Philosophy Dept. 
McGill U. Philosophy Dept. 
Montclair State U., New Jersey: Philosophy and Religion Dept. 
Stanford U. Philosophy Dept. 
U. California, Riverside, Philosophy Dept. 
U. California, San Diego, Philosophy Dept. 
U. California, Santa Barbara, Philosophy Dept. 
U. Chicago Philosophy Dept. 
U. Edinburgh Philosophy Dept. 
U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Philosophy Dept. 
U. Kansas Philosophy Department 
U. Oregon Philosophy Dept. 
Valdosta State U., Georgia: Philosophy Dept. 
General Dept. & Program Resources
McGunigle List of UK & Irish Depts. (catalogue with vital statistics of each dept. and live links where available) (Stephen Clar, U. Liverpool)
The Philosophical Gourmet Report (The Leiter Report) (influential publication ranking philosophy departments) (Brian Leiter / Blackwell)
Philosophy Depts. Around the World (Paul Wong, Australian National U.)
Philosophy Departments Around the World (U.K. site) (Peter King)
Philosophy Depts. (Episteme.com)
Philosophy Organizations (Tom Stone)
Humanities Faculty and Research Positions: Philosophy (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Jobs in Philosophy (listings includes "Europe, America, and Asia / Africa / Australia"; in English, German, French, Spanish) (Vincent C. Mueller, U. Hamburg)
Philosophy Jobs (Peter Suber, Earlham C., Indiana)

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