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20th World Congress of Philosophy -- Paideia: Philosophy Educating Humanity (Aug. 10-16, 1998, Boston) (multilingual site)
Chance: The Event in the Desert (Nov. 8-10, 1996) ("a philosophical rave and summit meeting between artists and philosophers, chaosophists and croupiers, mathematicians and musicians at Whiskey Pete's Casino in the Nevada desert"; featuring Jean Baudrillard and Allucquere Roseanne Stone)
Conferences, Workshops, and Calls for Papers (Liverpool index; gopher)
Philosophy of Science and Mathematics Events in Britain (Brendan Larvor, U. Liverpool)
The Production of Philosophy: Aesthetics, Practice, Invention (Villanova U., April 19, 1997) ("This conference is devoted to exploring the relationship of the aesthetic to philosophical thinking and to asking about the implications of an aesthetic re-composition of philosophy")
Second Annual New York City International Conference on the History of Philosophy and Religion (May 1-3, 1998, Hunter C., NYC) 
Terminals: The Cultural Production of Death (U. California, Santa Barbara, Nov. 12-13, 1996) (conference on the interface between the cultural and technological construction of death)

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