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Allen Ginsberg   Suggest a Link
General Resources
Allen Ginsberg (brief audio file) (Poetry Magazine)
Levi Asher on Ginsberg 
Shadow Changes into Bone ("clearinghouse for all things Ginsberg") (Mongo BearWolf)
"America" (Al Filreis, U. Penn)
"An Asphodel" (PoemHunter.com)
"Howl" (Ingrid Kerkhoff)
"In Back of the Real" (www.jough.com)
"In the Baggage Room at Greyhound" (www.jough.com)
Scrap Leaves ("Allen's 1968 manuscript in hypertext") (Steve Silberman and Alex Vigdor)
"Song" (The Beat Page)
"Sphincter" (Al Filreis, U. Penn)
"Sunflower Sutra" (www.jough.com)
"Transcription of Organ Music" (www.jough.com)
"Wild Orphan" (www.jough.com)

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