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 •  "--the rest is silence": Lost Poets of the Great War
 •  Allen Ginsberg
 •  Anaïs Nin
 •  Arthur Miller
 •  Beats
 •  Carl Sandburg
 •  Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa)
 •  Dorothy Parker
 •  E. E. Cummings
 •  Edith Wharton
 •  Edna St. Vincent Millay
 •  Edwin Arlington Robinson
 •  Ernest Hemingway
 •  Ezra Pound
 •  F. Scott Fitzgerald
 •  Flannery O'Connor
 •  General Modern American Resources
 •  Gertrude Stein
 •  H. D. (Hilda Doolittle)
 •  Harriet Monroe
 •  Hart Crane
 •  Henry Miller
 •  Jack Kerouac
 •  John Steinbeck
 •  Langston Hughes
 •  Lillian Hellman
 •  Lorraine Hansberry
 •  Marianne Moore
 •  Ralph Ellison
 •  Richard Wright
 •  Robert Frost
 •  Robert Lowell
 •  Robert Penn Warren
 •  Robinson Jeffers
 •  Sylvia Plath
 •  Vladimir Nabokov
 •  Walker Percy
 •  Wallace Stevens
 •  Willa Cather Page
 •  William Carlos Williams
 •  William Faulkner
 •  William S. Burroughs
 •  Zora Neale Hurston
 •  Jack London
Modern (Brit. & Amer.)
American Literature
Modern American Authors, Works, Projects   Suggest a Link
General Modern American Resources
American Literature on the Web: 1914-1945 (Akihito Ishikawa, Nagasaki C. of Foreign Languages, Japan)
American Women Writers 1890 to 1939 -- Modernism and Mythology (general info and links relating to Modernist women writers, plus info on the impact of mythology and the occult) (Kristin Mapel-Bloomberg)
KYLT: A Site Devoted to Kentucky Writers (English Dept., Eastern Kentucky U.)
Mississippi Writers and Musicians (Nancy N. Jacobs, Starkville High School, Miss.)
Modern American Poetry (MAPS) (multimedia companion to the Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry with 160+ poet sites; includes excerpted critical commentary on poems) (general editor, Cary Nelson, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Modern American Poetry Home ("online journal and multimedia companion to Anthology of Modern American Poetry"; includes 161 poet companion sites and syllabi) (Cary Nelson and Matthew Hurt, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
SALLY ANNE: 20th-Century American Literature (Andrew L.Graham, Keele U.)
SouthWatch ("selected resources, essays, and reviews of [U.S.] Southern literature") (Robert Sterling Gingher)
Alan Seeger (Harry Rusche, Emory U.)
Anti-Imperialist Writings by Edgar Lee Masters (Jim Zwick, Syracuse U.)
Beats (See Also Individual Authors On This Page And On
Beat Generation (Bohemian Ink)
The Beats Page ("Literary Kicks" Page)
Homepage (Levi Asher)
Beat Connections in Rock Music 
The Beats (Film List) 
Origin of the Word "Beat" 
Recent Beat News 
Mike Janssen, "The Influence of Jazz on the Beat Generation" (1994) 
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes (Robert Stockton)
William S. Burroughs
William S. Burroughs (Literary Kicks)
The William S. Burroughs Files (Malcolm Humes)
William S. Burroughs, The Electronic Revolution (Malcolm Humes)
Burroughs Interview (with Kathy Acker) 36-minute streaming video interview  (The Roland Collection of Films and Videos on Art: A great resource with over 300 hours of streaming video available for free viewing)
Willa Cather Page
Homepage (Scott Newstrom, Harvard U.)
Works about Willa Cather 
Hart Crane
Hart Crane Page (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa)
Hart Crane Page (Brad Lucas, U. Nevada, Reno)
E. E. Cummings
e. e. cummings (Poets.org)
An Unofficial E. E. Cummings Starting Point (Douglas M. Wipf)
"the boys i mean are not refined" (Leon Malinofsky)
"gee i like to think of dead" (Leon Malinofsky)
"in a middle of a room" (Leon Malinofsky)
Early Twentieth-Century American Sonnets (Sonnet Central)
Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa)
Indian Boyhood (1991) (Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia)
Old Indian Days (1907; rept. 1991) (Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia)
The Soul of the Indian (1911) (Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia)
Ralph Ellison
Ralph Ellison Webliography (Claude Potts, UCLA)
Teacher's Guide to Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man (includes questions, exercises, and assignments) (Brooke Allen / Vintage Books)
Epistrophy: The Jazz Literature Archive (Michael Borshuk)
William Faulkner
William Faulkner Page
Homepage (John B. Padgett, U. Mississippi)
ENTER Yoknapatawpha County 
Essays & Speeches 
Faulkner Resources 
A Faulkner Chronology 
Faulkner's Screenplays 
Film Adaptations of Faulkner's Fiction 
The Library: Faulkner's Writings 
The Moving Picture House: Faulkner & Motion Pictures 
Oxford Map (nice clickable image map with links to descriptions of locations)
Short Stories 
Sole Owner & Proprietor: Faulker's Life 
The Town: William Faulkner in Oxford, Mississippi 
The William Faulkner Society 
F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary Page
Homepage ("illustrations, a biography and timeline, and complete texts of some of his short stories") (U. South Carolina)
A Brief Life of Fitzgerald 
Fitzgerald Writings 
Fitzgerald Bibliography 
Fitzgerald Chronology 
Frank Baum, The Marvelous Land of Oz 
From Chickamauga to Chipilly Ridge: The Long March of John Allan Wyeth ("World War I poetry of an American Civil War vet") (Mike Iavarone)
Robert Frost
"After Apple-Picking" (includes introductory headnote from the Harper-Collins World Civilizations Reader)
A Boy's Will (1915) (Bartleby Library)
Miscellaneous Poems (1920) (Bartleby Library)
Mountain Interval (1920) (Bartleby Library)
North of Boston (1915)  (Bartleby Library)
"The Road Not Taken" (includes introductory headnote from the Harper-Collins World Civilizations Reader)
Robert Frost Page (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa)
Robert Frost Page (The Poetry Archives)
Allen Ginsberg
General Resources
Allen Ginsberg (brief audio file) (Poetry Magazine)
Levi Asher on Ginsberg 
Shadow Changes into Bone ("clearinghouse for all things Ginsberg") (Mongo BearWolf)
"America" (Al Filreis, U. Penn)
"An Asphodel" (PoemHunter.com)
"Howl" (Ingrid Kerkhoff)
"In Back of the Real" (www.jough.com)
"In the Baggage Room at Greyhound" (www.jough.com)
Scrap Leaves ("Allen's 1968 manuscript in hypertext") (Steve Silberman and Alex Vigdor)
"Song" (The Beat Page)
"Sphincter" (Al Filreis, U. Penn)
"Sunflower Sutra" (www.jough.com)
"Transcription of Organ Music" (www.jough.com)
"Wild Orphan" (www.jough.com)
Lorraine Hansberry
Concordance to A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (Iowa State U.)
H. D. (Hilda Doolittle)
H. D. Page 
H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) Page (imagists.org)
Imagist Women: Their Lives and Their Poetry ("devoted to the works of Hilda Doolittle and Marianne Moore"; Jennifer Benavidez)
Sea Garden (HTML and SGML versions) (U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative)
"Sea Poppies" (includes introductory headnote from the Harper-Collins World Civilizations Reader)
Lillian Hellman
Concordance to The Children's Hour (Iowa State U.)
Concordance to The Little Foxes (Iowa State U.)
Ernest Hemingway
Books Related to Hemingway Purchaseable Through Amazon.com Online Books 
The Ernest Hemingway Collection (materials from the Kennedy Library's repository for Ernest Hemingway's papers; includes a biographical essay illustrated by material from the collection and an in-progress catalog of Hemingway materials) ( John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library)
Ernest M. Hemingway Home Page (David V. Gagne, U. Florida)
Hemingway's Paris: A Hypertext Resource ("resource based on A Moveable Feast and Hemingway's years in Paris; timeline and short biography of Hemingway, images and information on writers, images and information on painters including samples of art.") (Steven M. Lane, Malaspina University-College, Canada)
The Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park (birthplace of Hemingway)
Timeless Hemingway ("everything Hemingway, quotes, pictures, stories, letters, trivia") (Josh Silverstein)
Langston Hughes
General Resources
Brief Biography of Langston Hughes (Nick Evans and David Liss)
It's a Hughes Thang!!!! (Michele Maynard, U. Texas, Austin)
Langston Hughes Page (Michele Maynard)
Langston Hughes Page (The Poetry Archives)
Langston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center (Queens, NY) 
Langston Hughes and Jazz (Epistrophy: Jazz in 20th Century Literature)
Photograph of Hughes by Carl Van Vechten (1939) (Smithsonian)
"Jazzonia" (Nick Evans and David Liss)
"Justice" and "Still Here" (David Aaron Kurtenbach)
Zora Neale Hurston
Zora Neale Hurston: Background (Lauren Schiff, U. Virginia)
The Jean Toomer Pages (Scott Williams)
Robinson Jeffers
Jason Castellucci, "Robinson Jeffers: The Poet as Prophet" 
John Burroughs: American Nature Writer, 1837-1921 (Walt Carroll)
Jack Kerouac
Jack Kerouac 
On the Road (excerpt) (Al Filreis, U. Penn)
James Wechsler, "The Age of Unthink" (from Reflections of an Angry Middle-Aged Editor) (recounts Wechsler's confrontation with Kerouac in 1958) (Al Filreis, U. Penn)
Jack London
Jack London Page (biography and links to works) (Literature Network)
Adventure (Literature Network)
Call of the Wild (Literature Network)
Martin Eden (Literature Network)
The Sea Wolf (Literature Network)
"War of the Classes" (EServer)
White Fang (Literature Network)
Robert Lowell
Robert Lowell Papers (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, U. Texas Austin)
Robert Lowell Page (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa)
Michael McClure 
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Online Poetry (InforM, U. Marlyland))
Renascence and Other Poems (1917) (Bartleby Library)
Sonnets (Sonnet Central)
"What Lips Have Kissed" (Seamus Cooney)
Arthur Miller
Concordance to Death of a Salesman (Iowa State U.)
The Crucible Project (Shawsheen Technical High School, Billerica, Mass.)
Henry Miller
The Henry Miller Library (Big Sur, Calif.) 
Monterey County Historical Society: Henry Miller (brief bio, bibliography) (Wendy Moss)
Harriet Monroe
"First Books of Verse" (Chris Powell)
Harriet Monroe and the "Imagists" (Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale U.)
Passing Show : Five Modern Plays in Verse (Humanities Text Initiative American Verse Collection, U. Michigan)
Marianne Moore
Imagist Women: Their Lives and Their Poetry ("devoted to the works of Hilda Doolittle and Marianne Moore"; Jennifer Benavidez)
Marianne Moore Page 
Marianne Moore Page (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa)
Marianne Moore Page ("concentrated site designed for people new to Marianne Moore who are interested in finding out about her poetry through good criticism") (Tiffany Tyler, Sweet Briar C., Virginia)
Vladimir Nabokov
Nabokov & Cultural Synthesis Page (perennial web site for the course of this title at Wesleyan U.)
Nabokv-L, The Electronic Nabokov Discussion Forum 
Zembla: Vladimir Nabokov Page
Homepage (Penn State Libraries)
About Nabokov Sights (photographs) (Gennady Barabtarlo / Zembla)
An Index to Strong Opinions (John DeMoss / Zembla)
An Index to The Nabokov-Wilson Letters (Dieter E. Zimmer / Zembla)
Brian Boyd, ""Even Homais Nods": Nabokov's Fallibility, or, How to Revise Lolita" (1995) (Nabokov Studies / Zembla)
Homes and Haunts ("list of Nabokov's addresses, with some photographs") (Dieter E. Zimmer / Zembla)
The Nabokovian (index for back issues) (Gennady Barabtarlo / Zembla)
Nabokronology (chronological guide to Nabokov's life and works)
Suellen Stringer-Hye (Vanderbilt U.), "An Interview with Stephen Schiff (screenwriter of the new Lolita film" (Zembla)
Leona Toker, "Liberal Ironists and the "Gaudily Painted Savage": On Richard Rorty's Reading of Vladimir Nabokov" (1994) (Nabokov Studies / Zembla)
Vladimir Nabokov, A Bibliography of Criticism (Dieter E. Zimmer, with Jeff Edmunds)
Neal Cassady 
Anaïs Nin
Anaïs Nin (short bio, bibliography, some links) (Anja Beckmann)
Thinking of Anaïs Nin (Moira Collins and Valerie Harms)
Flannery O'Connor
Flannery O'Connor Criticism (bibliography) (Ina Dillard Russell Library, Georgia College and State U.)
The Flannery O'Connor Collection (Ina Dillard Russell Library, Georgia College and State U.)
O' Henry, "Gift of the Magi" 
Dorothy Parker
Dorothy Parker's New York (Kevin Fitzpatrick)
Salon.com/MP3Lit:: Dorothy Parker (spoken word recordings)
Pearl S. Buck Homepage (Peter Conn, U. Penn)
Ezra Pound
Ezra Pound Page (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa)
Ezra Pound (Electronic Poetry Center, SUNY Buffalo)
Ezra Pound, "The River - Merchant's Wife: A Letter" (Ian Lancashire, U. Toronto)
Pulp Fiction Collection (American popular fiction magazines, 1920's-1950's) (Library of Congress)
"--the rest is silence": Lost Poets of the Great War
Homepage of "--the rest is silence": Lost Poets of the Great War (Harry Rusche, Emory U.)
Chronology of WW I 
The Poets 
Edwin Arlington Robinson
"Richard Cory" (Jean-Marc Orliaguet)
Sonnets (Sonnet Central)
Carl Sandburg
Carl Sandburg Web (Ryan Roberts)
Chicago Poems (Bartleby.com)
Sara Teasdale Page (The Poetry Archives)
John Steinbeck
John Steinbeck Page (Contains biographical, bibliographical, critical, and link information in addition to lesser known primary texts.) (William Scott Simkins,: U. Southern Alabama)
John Steinbeck Bibliography Pages (Contains lists of Steibecks works plus criticism and biographies, together with Steinbeck links) (M Henry)
Steinbeck Research Center (San Jose State U.)
Gertrude Stein
General Resources
Brief Bio (Al Filreis, U. Penn)
Epitaph Submissions for Gertrude Stein ("An international epitaph is to be created in honour of Gertrude Stein . . . The subject prescribed . . . is the last [No. LXXXIII] of the Stanzas in meditation ["Why am I if I am"]. We are looking for
Gertrude Stein Resources (Michael Powers)
Gertrude Stein Online (Sarah Kornfeld and Stafford)
Gertrude Stein Page
Homepage (Kimmo Sääskilahti)
Time-Sense: An Electronic Quarterly on the Art of Gertrude Stein (Sonja Streuber)
Johanna Blakely, "Not Possibly Autobiography: Improper Authorship and The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas" (1997) (Thresholds)
"Reflections on the Atom Bomb" (Al Filreis, U. Penn)
Tender Buttons (Bartleby Library)
Wallace Stevens
"The Emperor of Ice Cream" (Leon Malinofsky)
"Of Mere Being" (Leon Malinofsky)
"The Place of the Solitaires" (Leon Malinofsky)
"Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" (Mary Anne Mohanraj)
Wallace Stevens Page (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa)
Sylvia Plath
The Complete List of Sylvia Plath Links ("92 working links") (Emily Pollard)
Sylvia Plath Page (Anja Beckmann)
The Sylvia Plath Forum (moderated by Elaine Connell)
Thomas Wolfe Web Page (S. Connelly)
Walker Percy
Walker Percy Web Site (deep, well-organized page of resources) (Henry P. Mills)
Robert Penn Warren
American Academy of Poets: Robert Penn Warren 
Criticism: Robert S. Koppelman, Robert Penn Warren's Modernist Spirituality (publisher's description)
Modern American Poetry: Robert Penn Warren (Edward Brunner, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Robert Penn Warren (brief bio and bibliiography) (George Brosi / KYLIT)
Robert Penn Warren Page (Bob Frey)
Robert Penn Warren (Western Kentucky U.)
Warren on Warren (brief excerpts of Warren's views about writing)  
Edith Wharton
The Age of Innocence (Project Gutenberg)
Jason Castellucci , "The Confinement of Marriage in the Short Fiction of Doris Lessing and Edith Warton" 
Edith Wharton Page (Dee Shidler)
The House of Mirth (Project Gutenberg)
A List of Online texts (links to many texts, mostly from U. Virginia collection) (Hanover C.)
Madame de Treymes (U. Virginia Library)
William Carlos Williams
William Carlos Williams Page (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa)
"The Red Wheelbarrow" (poets.org)
Criticism: Daniel Morris, The Writings of William Carlos Williams: Publicity for the Self (publisher's description)
Richard Wright
Richard Wright Page (Richard Hancuff, George Washington U.)
Richard Wright - Black Boy (info on TV production; includes background material) (Mississippi Educational Television and the Independent Television Service)

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