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Mary Shelley   Suggest a Link
Mary Shelley General Resources
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Page
Homepage (includes biographical narratives and links related to M. Shelley and members of her circle) (Kim Woodbridge)
The Life of Mary Shelley 
Literary Resources of Frankenstein 
The Summer of 1816 
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Site
Homepage (Shanon Lawson, U. Delaware / Romantic Circles)
Contemporary Reviews of M. Shelley 
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Chronology 
Selected Bibliography 
Criticism on Mary Shelley
Betty T. Bennett (The American U.), "Radical Imaginings: Mary Shelley's The Last Man" (1995) 
Lidia Garbin (U. Liverpool), "The Fortunes of Perkin Warbec: Walter Scott in the Writings of Mary Shelley" (1997) (Romanticism on the Net)
Nelson Hilton (U. Georgia), "Mary Godwin's Remonstrance" (1995) (chapter from Hilton's book, Lexis Complexes: Literary Interventions)
Lisa Hopkins (Sheffield Hallam U.), "Memory at the End of History: Mary Shelley's The Last Man" (1997) (Romanticism on the Net)
Keats-Shelley Journal 
Jack Lynch (Rutgers U.), "Workshop of Filthy Creation, Cyberspace Division" 
Morton D. Paley, "Mary Shelley's The Last Man: Apocalypse Without Millennium" (1989) 
Daniel E. White (U. Pennsylvania), " 'The god undeified": Mary Shelley's Valperga, Italy, and the Aesthetic of Desire" (1997) (Romanticism on the Net)
Mary Shelley Filmography
All Movie Versions of Frankenstein (Internet Movie Database)
Mary Shelley Writings
Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus (downloadable .zip file of hypertext version of book; last half of book requires a small fee for a password to get past the "read lock") (Omnimedia Electronic Publishing)
Frankenstein on the Web (student project, Susquehanna U. English Dept.)
Frankenstein: The Immortality of Frankenstein -- Frankenstein from Gothic Novel to Multimedia Megastar ("dedicated to the enduring popularity of Frankenstein in literature, popular culture, theatre, film, and the new media") (Catherine Sellars)
Frankenstein (peter@www.literature.org)
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, and Related Resources on the Web (Kim Woodbridge)
Resources for the Study of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Martin Irvine, Georgetown U.)
U. Penn Electronic Edition (Currently A Major Cd-Rom Project, Possible Future Web Version)
Stuart Curran (U. Penn), "Frankenstein Revealed: Penn's Electronic Edition" (PennPrintout)
Jack Lynch (Rutgers U.), "Workshop of Filthy Creation, Cyberspace Division" 
The Last Man: A Hypertext Edition (Steven E. Jones, Loyola U., Chicago / Romantic Circles)
Letters and Journals (excerpts) (Nelson Hilton, U. Georgia)
"The Mortal Immortal: A Hypertext Edition" (includes contextual material and critical apparatus) (Michael Laplace-Sinatra, Oxford U. / Romantic Circles)

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