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Writings, Interviews
Hypertext Research & Theory
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Michael Heim Homepage ("a philosophical endeavor initiated by Michael Heim"; includes seminars, books, and conferences on digital and virtual reality)
Michael Heim Articles
"Some Observations on Web Art Writing" (Fine Art Forum) (September 2000)
"The Feng Shui of Virtual Environments" (presented at the VRST 2000 (ACM, SIGGRAPH) in Seoul, Korea)
"Humanistic Discussion and the On-Line Conference" (1986) (pdf)
Geert Lovink, "Heidegger ON-Line: Interview with Michael Heim" (1993) (Mediamatic)
"The Nerd in the Noosphere" (1995) (Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine)
"Reflections on the Computer Screen" (1990) (Postmodern Culture)
Michael Heim Books
"Critique of the Word in Process" (chapter from Michael Heim's Electric Language, 1987)
"Erotic Ontology of Cyberspace" (chapter from Michael Heim's The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality, 1993)
Michael Heim, Deep Cyberspace (1997) (seminar)

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