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 •  Russell A. Hunt
Early To Mid 20th Century
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Bailiwick - U. of Iowa Libraries Bakhtin Bibiography (a bibliography of books, essays, and research by and about Bakhtin)(U. of Iowa)
Bakhtin Centre (Univ. of Sheffield)
Russell A. Hunt (St. Thomas U.), (Essays On Reading And Pedagogy Related To Bakhtinian Thought):
"Literacy as Dialogic Involvement: Methodological Implications for the Empirical Study of Literary Reading" (1996) 
"Texts, Textoids, and Utterances: Writing and Reading for Meaning, In and Out of Classrooms" (1993) 
"Traffic in Genres, In Classrooms and Out" (1994) 
Vadim Linetski (Hebrew U., Jerusalem), Bakhtin Laid Bare, or The Discourse of Innocence (Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center)
Mikhail Bakhtin (lecture notes created for a course) (Mary Klages, U. Colorado, Boulder)

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