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 •  Edmund Husserl  
 •  Hans-Georg Gadamer  
 •  Martin Heidegger  
 •  Mauríce Merleau-Ponty  
Modern Philosophical Movements
Major Movements
Phenomenology   Suggest a Link
Paul Armstrong (U. Oregon), "What is Phenomenology? Two Lectures: Philosophical Backgrounds and Literary Theories" 
Hans-Georg Gadamer [Show]
Tim van Gelder (U. Melbourne), "Wooden Iron? Husserlian Phenomenology Meets Cognitive Science" 
Gruppe Phaenomenologie ("Society for the Advancement of the Reception and the Critical Development of Phenomenology and of Its Impulses")
Martin Heidegger [Show]
Edmund Husserl [Show]
Mauríce Merleau-Ponty [Show]
The Realm Of Existentialism (info on existentialism and phenomenology, with links to pages on many philosophers) (Katharena Eiermann)
Some Principles of Phenomenological Hermeneutics (John Lye, Brock U.)

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