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Classical Studies
Philosophy   Suggest a Link
General Resources
Aenesidemus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Anaxagoras (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Anaxarchus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Anaximander (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Anaximenes (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Antisthenes (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Aristotle (biography, links to online texts, links to related Web pages) (Bjorn Christensson)
Aristotle (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Aristotle (Tom Stone, EpistemeLinks.com)
The Athenian Constitution (Internet Classics Archive)
Categories (Internet Classics Archive)
History of Animals (Internet Classics Archive)
Metaphysics (Internet Classics Archive)
Nicomachean Ethics (Internet Classics Archive)
On Dreams (Internet Classics Archive)
On Generation and Corruption (Internet Classics Archive)
On Interpretation (Internet Classics Archive)
On Memory and Reminiscence (Internet Classics Archive)
On Sophistical Refutations (trans. W. A. Pickard-Cambridge)
On The Gait of Animals (Internet Classics Archive)
On The Heavens (Internet Classics Archive)
On The Motion of Animals (Internet Classics Archive)
On The Soul (Internet Classics Archive)
Physics (Internet Classics Archive)
Poetics (Internet Classics Archive)
Poetics (trans., S. H. Butcher, .pdf file) (Orange Street Press Classics)
Politics (Internet Classics Archive)
Posterior Analytics (Internet Classics Archive)
Prior Analytics (Internet Classics Archive)
Rhetoric (Internet Classics Archive)
Topics (Internet Classics Archive)
Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy (Latin text and English translation; ed. James J. O'Donnell, U.Penn) (U. Virginia)
Boethius Internet Seminar 
Chrysippus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Cleanthes (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Democritus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Empedocles (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Epictetus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Epicurus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Gorgias (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Heraclitus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Hippias (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Lucretius (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Menippus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Parmenides (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Peripatetics (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Apology (Internet Classics Archive)
Charmides, Or Temperance (Internet Classics Archive)
Cratylus (Internet Classics Archive)
Critias (Internet Classics Archive)
Crito (Internet Classics Archive)
The Hypertext Crito (hypertext version of the translation by Benjamin Jowett, with additional commentary) (Tim Rohrer, U. Oregon)
Euthydemus (Internet Classics Archive)
Euthyphro (Internet Classics Archive)
Gorgias (Internet Classics Archive)
Ion (Internet Classics Archive)
Laches Or Courage (Internet Classics Archive)
Laws (Internet Classics Archive)
Lysis, Or Friendship (Internet Classics Archive)
Meno (Internet Classics Archive)
Parmenides (Internet Classics Archive)
Phaedo (Internet Classics Archive)
Phaedrus (Internet Classics Archive)
Philebus (Internet Classics Archive)
Plato (biography, links to online texts, links to related Web pages) (Bjorn Christensson)
Plato (Tom Stone, EpistemeLinks.com)
Protagoras (Internet Classics Archive)
The Republic (Internet Classics Archive)
The Seventh Letter (Internet Classics Archive)
Sophist (Internet Classics Archive)
Statesman (Internet Classics Archive)
Symposium (Internet Classics Archive)
Theaetetus (Internet Classics Archive)
Timaeus (Internet Classics Archive)
Plotinus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
The Six Enneads 
Protagoras (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Sophists (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Thales (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Timon (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Xenophon (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Zeno of Elea (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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