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Creative Writing
Poetry   Suggest a Link
Aha! Poetry Page (Jane Reichhold)
Austin Poetry Scene 
Bird on a Wire: The Leonard Cohen Home Page (Carter Page)
Brazen Orality - The Spoken Word E-RAG of Your Dreams ("zine which attempts to document something of the spoken-word poetry world") (Josh Simpson)
Cowboy Poetry
Agricomm Cowboy Poetry Page 
Cowboy Poetry (Anne Slade)
Cowboy Poetry and Poets (Wyoming Companion)
The Poetry Corral (Katie Kidwell)
Electronic Poetry Center
Homepage of Electronic Poetry Center (Poetics Program, State U. of New York at Buffalo)
Electronic Poetry Center: Authors Index 
Charles Bernstein 
Charles Olson 
Ezra Pound 
John Ashbery 
John Cage 
Marjorie Perloff 
Robert Creeley 
Ron Silliman 
Susan Howe 
Biblioteca: A Project Extending Electronic Publishing ("Biblioteca testifies to the growing importance of electronic media in the composition and distribution of contemporary writing. It consists of chapbook-length texts published through the Electronic Poetry Center [Buffalo], including those already published in conjuction with Rif/t as well as hypermedia works and archival republications of significant typographic works") (Electronic Publishing Center)
Homepage of Connects (outbound connections to electronic poetry and poetics resources)
Computer Generation of Text 
Electronic Poetry Text Archives 
Literary Manuscript Collections 
Internet Poetry Webs 
Related Listservs 
LINEbreak: Interviews and Performance from the Literary Edge (series of half-hour length public radio interviews/performances by poets, fiction writers, performance artists, video artists, and others; interviews by Charles Bernstein; includes sound art available from the EPC Sound Room (Martin Spinelli / Electronic Poetry Center)
Poetics at Buffalo Program 
RIF/T: An Electronic Space for Poetry, Prose, and Poetics (Kenneth Sherwood and Loss Pequeo Glazier / Electronic Poetry Center)
Small Presses 
Tinfish: journal of experimental poetry with an emphasis on work from the Pacific region (Susan M. Schultz / Electronic Poetry Center)
Carolyn Forche's Page 
Misha Gordin, Conceptual Photography (poetic / photographic sequence: "My involvement in conceptual photography dates back to Riga the capital of former Soviet Latvia. I left my homeland when I was 28 years old. I brought two images with me. The first two letters of an alphabet I
Eduardo Kac
"Holopoetry, Hypertext, Hyperpoetry" 
"Recent Experiments in Holopoetry and Computer Holopoetry" 
Richard F. Meredith (contemporary Irish poet)
Peter Nicholson (homepage of the Australian poet)
Poem of the Day (CK Publishing)
Poetry is Bread ("This page is dedicated to the idea that poetry, like bread, should be eaten at least once each day.") (Richard Cummins)
Poets in Person Home Page (Alan Cordle, North Carolina Central U./Modern Poetry Association & the American Library Assoc.)
Readings in Contemporary Poetry at the Dia Center for the Arts, NY City) (includes bibliographies of poets and links to sample poems) (Dia Center for the Arts)
Barry Spacks
Mudlark Poster No. 2 (1997): "Three Poems by Barry Spacks" 
Spout Poetry Magazine 
Switched-on Gutenberg: A Global Poetry Journal (Jana Harris)
Moi Tayler, Seasons of the Heart (description and passages from book)

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