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General Creative Writing Resources
Castle Catflap Writers' Gallery (published and unpublished London writers) (Frances Castle)
The Commonplace Book on Writers and Writing (collection of quotes by writers on writing; modeled after the old genre of the "commonplace books") (U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Creative-Writing.ch (creative writing site with writing activities and featured works)(Franz Andres Morrissey, University of Bern, Switzerland) (Franz Andres Morrissey, U. Bern, Switzerland)
The Darkside of the Moon (includes a "Literary Work of the Week" feature; Jeff Fratesi)
Amanda McGuire (Michigan State U.), Introduction to Creative Writing (student work from course)
Homepage of Permutations (machine-generated verse and prose, acrostics, Markov chains, etc.; includes links to other machine-text sites)
Selected Resources:  
Raymond Queneau, A Fairytale as You Like It 
Raymond Queneau, one hundred thousand billion poems 
Postmodern Culture: Creative Works 
Readers and Writers Resource Page (Web Feats)
Silly Little Troll Publications 
Suite101.com: Resources for Writers ("reviews of software, books, and web sites for creative writers") (Roxianne Moore)
S.W.A.P. - Salem Writers, Artists and Publishers 
Tameri Guide for Writers ("site covers the writing, editing, formatting, and marketing of literary and dramatic works")
trAce Online Writing Community (includes work of hypertext fiction writers) (Nottingham Trent U.)
The Write News (online newsletter relating to writing, writers', and publishers' issues) (Writers Write, Inc.)
Writer's Gateway (Oregon and Northwest writers)
Writers' Software
Dramatica (storywriting software and theory) (Screenplay Systems)
Software for Writers (plain-text list of downloadable software) (Ngaire Genge)
Suite101.com: Resources for Writers ("reviews of software, books, and web sites for creative writers") (Roxianne Moore)
Writers Write: The Write Resource (advanced, extensive site with resources for the writing community; includes lists of paying and non-paying fiction/non-fiction markets, jobs for writers, writers' conferences, writing schools, writers' homepages, chat, etc.) (Writers Write, Inc.)
Levi Asher, Queensboro Ballads ("concept album" in 60s style by author of the "Literary Kicks" site)
Chris Bell, Capturing Shadowtalk (an online novel or "global electronic chapbook" in progress)
Bradford Morrow Page (Web Del Sol)
Clocktower Fiction (online fiction by John Argo, Brian Callahan, John T. Cullen)
Martha Conway, Unrelated Land: A Novel With Art 
Bonnie Duncan, "Citing Hypermedia: Solving the Indexing Dilemma" (1998) (essay by the editor of the peer-reviewed online journal (Re)Soundings that lays out a suggested practical policy for the structure of journal file directories, file-naming conventions, etc.) ((Re)Soundings)
Jurgen Fauth, "Poles in Your Face: The Promises and Pitfalls of Hyperfiction" 
Glass Wings: Modern Adventure (Katherine Phelps)
Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction (hypertext fiction and fiction criticism) (Michael Shumate)
Hypertext Fiction 
Hypertext Fiction on the Web 
Hypertext Hotel (project started by Robert Coover in the Hypertext Fiction Workshop at Brown U.)
Michael Joyce (Vassar C.)
Homepage (now defunct, but Joyce has left a residue page with links to existing online resources)
Amy Lee (U. Baltimore), "Detective Dan Dade Visits the Paper Moon" 
Sharon McKenna, "So You Want to Be a Paperback Writer?" (Third Age Media, Inc.)
Stuart Moulthrop (U. Baltimore)
Hegirascope (A Hypertext Fiction) -1995
NYU Press Prize for Hyperfiction (deadline Mar. 15, 1998; site includes links on hypertext fiction and theory)
"G.M. d. S.," "On Novels, An Antidote to Corporate Publishing, or On the Intelligence and Open-mindedness of Readers, and On the Very Low Esteem Corporate Publishing Has of It (and of Them)" (1997) 
Other (M)Other Stories (Carol Flax, UCSB)
Christy Sheffield Sanford
Homepage of Christy Sheffield Sanford (mixed genre artist/creative writer using advanced Web techniques)
Madame de Lafayette Book of Hours Page (unique, image- and frame-intensive, hypertext meditation inspired by "the life, time or characters of Madame de Lafayette)
Red Mona (a mixed genre work using "flash-cards" with text, images, sound inspired by the Guy de Maupassant story, Petit Soldat)
"Safara in the Beginning," a Moving-Book ("a web-novel set in the seventeenth century")
StoryCraft - Products and Information for Fiction Writers (the StoryCraft story-generating software and information/resources relating to the "Jarvis Method/mythological approach to writing") (StoryCraft Corp.)
Story Resources on the Web (Sherri Johnson; page devoted to the art of storytelling)
Tim O'Brien's Home Page, Novelist 
William H. Calvin, SYNCHRONIZED: A Novel of the Internet Era (Web novel)
The Walking Man ("a collaborative visualization, a hyperfiction dreamscape... a guy walking") (Big Time Hypermedia)
Terri-Ann White, Deep Immersion: A Project of Fiction (hypertext ficion; "result of a writing residency conducted on-line for a period of eight weeks")
Xander Mellish: Short Stories and Cartoons ("about young people in New York City with very big dreams;" "the stories on this site originally appeared on telephone poles and in laundromats and pizza parlours around New York City")
S. D. Young, Rowena's Page--Funny Female Fiction ("A continuing series of mostly humorous short stories about a young woman's life")
Aha! Poetry Page (Jane Reichhold)
Austin Poetry Scene 
Bird on a Wire: The Leonard Cohen Home Page (Carter Page)
Brazen Orality - The Spoken Word E-RAG of Your Dreams ("zine which attempts to document something of the spoken-word poetry world") (Josh Simpson)
Cowboy Poetry
Agricomm Cowboy Poetry Page 
Cowboy Poetry (Anne Slade)
Cowboy Poetry and Poets (Wyoming Companion)
The Poetry Corral (Katie Kidwell)
Electronic Poetry Center
Homepage of Electronic Poetry Center (Poetics Program, State U. of New York at Buffalo)
Electronic Poetry Center: Authors Index 
Charles Bernstein 
Charles Olson 
Ezra Pound 
John Ashbery 
John Cage 
Marjorie Perloff 
Robert Creeley 
Ron Silliman 
Susan Howe 
Biblioteca: A Project Extending Electronic Publishing ("Biblioteca testifies to the growing importance of electronic media in the composition and distribution of contemporary writing. It consists of chapbook-length texts published through the Electronic Poetry Center [Buffalo], including those already published in conjuction with Rif/t as well as hypermedia works and archival republications of significant typographic works") (Electronic Publishing Center)
Homepage of Connects (outbound connections to electronic poetry and poetics resources)
Computer Generation of Text 
Electronic Poetry Text Archives 
Literary Manuscript Collections 
Internet Poetry Webs 
Related Listservs 
LINEbreak: Interviews and Performance from the Literary Edge (series of half-hour length public radio interviews/performances by poets, fiction writers, performance artists, video artists, and others; interviews by Charles Bernstein; includes sound art available from the EPC Sound Room (Martin Spinelli / Electronic Poetry Center)
Poetics at Buffalo Program 
RIF/T: An Electronic Space for Poetry, Prose, and Poetics (Kenneth Sherwood and Loss Pequeo Glazier / Electronic Poetry Center)
Small Presses 
Tinfish: journal of experimental poetry with an emphasis on work from the Pacific region (Susan M. Schultz / Electronic Poetry Center)
Carolyn Forche's Page 
Misha Gordin, Conceptual Photography (poetic / photographic sequence: "My involvement in conceptual photography dates back to Riga the capital of former Soviet Latvia. I left my homeland when I was 28 years old. I brought two images with me. The first two letters of an alphabet I
Eduardo Kac
"Holopoetry, Hypertext, Hyperpoetry" 
"Recent Experiments in Holopoetry and Computer Holopoetry" 
Richard F. Meredith (contemporary Irish poet)
Peter Nicholson (homepage of the Australian poet)
Poem of the Day (CK Publishing)
Poetry is Bread ("This page is dedicated to the idea that poetry, like bread, should be eaten at least once each day.") (Richard Cummins)
Poets in Person Home Page (Alan Cordle, North Carolina Central U./Modern Poetry Association & the American Library Assoc.)
Readings in Contemporary Poetry at the Dia Center for the Arts, NY City) (includes bibliographies of poets and links to sample poems) (Dia Center for the Arts)
Barry Spacks
Mudlark Poster No. 2 (1997): "Three Poems by Barry Spacks" 
Spout Poetry Magazine 
Switched-on Gutenberg: A Global Poetry Journal (Jana Harris)
Moi Tayler, Seasons of the Heart (description and passages from book)
Drama, Theater, & Performance Art Studies (Includes Screenwriting) [Show]
Horror Writers Association 
Creative Writing Zines & Journals
The Abraxus Reader (Village Idiot Ink.)
Amarillo Bay (Jerry Craven, West Texas A&M University)
The Antigonish Review 
Azimuth (Carol Lea Clark, Barbara Kass)
Basilisk ("film, architecture, philosophy, literature, music, and perception")
Beatrice (Ron Hogan)
BeeHive (sophisticated online zine for "fiction, theory, poetry, hypertext") (Percepticon)
Big Bridge: A Webzine of Poetry and Everything Else 
blood + aphorisms 
Blue Penny Quarterly 
Brazen Orality - The Spoken Word E-RAG of Your Dreams ("zine which attempts to document something of the spoken-word poetry world") (Josh Simpson)
The Burning Blimp Manifesto ("Irritating you since 1995 with politics, fiction, poetry, comics, and more. The Burning Blimp Manifesto keeps one eye on the man and the other in a safety deposit box in Kansas. Ahhh, screw it: you decide what it's all about")
The Church-Wellesley Review: A Quarterly Review of Lesbian and Gay Writing 
Conjunctions (Bard C.)
The Cortland Review: An Online Literary Magizine in RealAudio 
CrossConnect (U. Penn)
Darpan ("literary magazine devoted to reflections on India") (students at U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
The Dead Mule (essays, fiction, poetry, photographs)
Echoes Magazine ("bimonthly magazine filled with terrific stories, poems, and drawings by people in all walks of life--beginner and seasoned professional alike")
eScene (Jeff Carlson)
EYE aj!: Russia Poetry Magazine 
Generic Picture ("Punk Art, Poetry, Music, Zines, Prose, and Anything else you can drum up")
Hootenanny (Ken Weathersby & David Keith)
How2 (poetry journal focusing on "modernist and contemporary innovative writing practices by women"; includes writings about poetry and translations)
The Internet Writing Journal (online journal for the writing community; includes interviews, articles for writers, product reviews, etc.) (Writers Write, Inc.)
InterText: The Online Fiction Magazine 
Ixion: A Quartley Magazine of Art and Literature 
The Little Magazine 
Homepage of Non (experimental poetry journal) (Laura Moriarty)
non 2: The Sublime (special issue of online experimental poetry zine)
NWHQ (Elizabeth Fischer)
Obscure, the Quirky Journal of Unapologetic Creativity (Rebecca Gilley and Lei Kim Sawyer)
The Open Scroll 
Passages: A Technopoetics Journal (Chris Funkhouser)
Pen & Sword Hypersite (James Gardner)
Pif Magazine (creative writing)
Poesia.com ("concurso de poesía mundo latino"; in Spanish)
Poetry Daily 
Poetry Mags (Electronic Poetry Center, SUNY Buffalo)
Pug: Fact, Fiction, Frenzy (zine with "underground" ethos)
Quanta Magazine 
Realist Wonder Society 
The Richmond Review (Steven Kelly)
RIF/T: An Electronic Space for Poetry, Prose, and Poetics (Kenneth Sherwood and Loss Pequeo Glazier / Electronic Poetry Center)
Sapphic Ink: a lesbian literary journal (Lesbian.org)
Sendecki.com (poetry webzine that features artists, writers, & poets from Canada & the International community) (Daniel Sendecki)
Snakeskin - The Poetry Webzine (George Simmers)
Spout Poetry Magazine 
Stand Magazine 
Stark Raving Sanity; An Electronic Literary Journal (Mike DuBose, U. North Florida)
Tinfish: journal of experimental poetry with an emphasis on work from the Pacific region (Susan M. Schultz / Electronic Poetry Center)
Turtleneck.net: An Online Journal of Literary Culture 
Virginia Tech On-Line Literature Project (online literary journals and magazines)
Web Del Sol 
The Write News (online newsletter relating to writing, writers', and publishers' issues) (Writers Write, Inc.)
Writer's Digest 
Ygdrasil: A Journal of the Poetic Arts ("dedicated to providing the best in Modern International Poetry and Literature")
ZipZap (Williams and Fenn Publications)
Creative Writing Programs, Depts., and MFA'S
George Mason U. Creative Writing 
Poetics at Buffalo Program 

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