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General Music Resources [Show]
Bringing It All Back Home Page (Bob Dylan Page) (John Howells)
Concert Hotwire Tour Database (searchable database of music tours; by artist, venue, city)
Grateful Dead Lyrics, Annotated (site includes critical apparatus and essays) (David Dodd, Library, U. Colorado at Colorado Springs)
Henry the Human Fly Caught in the Web (songs and recordings of Richard Thompson) (Shane Youl)
IndieWeb ("the Net's first independent label space") (Chelsea Starr & Chris Barrus)
Internet Underground Music Archive 
Music Resources on the Web from Indiana (Indiana U.)
Repetition: The David Bowie Critical Analysis Page (essays on Bowie, his music, art, films, etc.)
Glenn Ricci, Millenium Pop (reviews of pop musicians) (Glyph)
Sony Online 
Julie Van Camp (Calif. State U., Long Beach), "Judging Aesthetic Value: 2 Live Crew, Pretty Woman, and the Supreme Court" (1995) 
Music Journals & Zines [Show]

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