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Alan Turing Page (Andrew Hodges)
Artificial Culture: Synthetic Anthropology (Nicholas Gessler, UCLA)
Bodies, INCorporated (sophisticated multimedia, interactive environment in which users construct virtual bodies and "incorporate" as part of an exploration of the interface between art and corporate zones) (Victoria Vesna et al., U. California, Los Angeles)
BotSpot (Bots and intelligent agents on the net)
Building Authentic Communities in Virtual Spaces (Web site for the Collaborative Writing Worshop about computers & community at the Computers and Writing Conference, El Paso, May 18, 1995)
Caltech Infospheres Project ("Traditional organizations with fixed sets of people and resources, carrying out fixed sets of activities, are giving way to fluid [virtual] organizations that link different groups of people and resources temporarily to carry out missions as they a
Coded Messages: CHAINS (conceptual hypermedia project that raises "questions about the power of language and communications in traditional and post-modern society" by connecting "our friends in Ghana (where there is no Internet service at all) and Web surfers . . .")
Consumptive Writing (A Fatal Strategy) (unique site that presents an anti-"process" approach to the philosophy and practice of composition teaching on the basis of cross-disciplinary reflections centered on Baudrillard's philosophy) (Matthew Levy, U. Texas, Arlington)
The CyberCulture, Identity, and Gender Resources Page (A metapage in the interactive database mode that offers compiled research on such issues as Role Playing MUDs and the performance of gender, as well as questions regarding "the body," the "Real" and the "Virtual." The site offers a large number of a
The Cyberspace, Hypertext, & Critical Theory Web (George Landow, National U. of Singapore),"
ISEA: Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts 
Education and Technology Resources (Virginia Montecito, George Mason U.) ("Welcome to my Web site with education, technology, and scholarship resources for faculty and students. For example, I have "how-to" guides for computer-mediated communication and resources on distance learning,
Edward_Amiga ("Edward_Amiga is a hypernovel, let's say a linear fiction integrating programation as a new language. You need to read french and have the JavaScript option of your browser enabled.") (Fred Romano, France)
Eliza (the famous early bot designed by Joseph Weizenbaum of MIT for research into natural language conversation with computers; site allows user to "chat" with Eliza through Web forms)
FleshFactor: AAS Electronica Festival Netsymposium (1997 online symposium on the technological evolution of the human "individual")
Future Culture Home Page ("FutureCulture is deliberately broad in scope when it comes to the topics discussed, but a quick list might include: Technoculture/new edge/cyberculture; Cyberspace & the Internet; Virtual reality; The computer underground; Cyberpunk (literary and c
The Geography of Cyberspace ("resources for measuring and mapping the geography of an embryonic Cyberspace [i.e. the Internet and WWW]") (Martin Dodge)
Headmap ("The headmap manifesto is a sequence of texts dealing with the social and cultural implications of location aware devices") (Ben Russell)
Honoria in Ciberspazio ("Th[is] cyberspace opera . . . is a romantic musical comedy. It is about a time when clones of the mythic postmodern cyborg creature attempted to seduce various human internet users.When isolated and lonely computer hackers entreat the great oracle")
IMMAGINA/E - Surreal weirdness (Guido Poggi) ("Surreal computer-art image gallery; subtopics diverse, ranging from "Surrealities" and "Humananimals" to "Bjork" ")
The Information Economy: The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods, Intellectual Property and Related Issues (Hal R. Varian, School of Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley)
Information Society Links (John McCann and John Gallagher)
The Informedia Project ("research initiative at Carnegie Mellon University funded by the NSF, DARPA, NASA and others, that studies how multimedia Digital Libraries can be established and used. Informedia is building a multimedia library that will contain over a thousand ho
Internet Love Fest (server/publisher of "cyberspace-only material and experimental HTML; the theme is the emergence of intelligent life after humans")
IT & Telecoms (includes links for CMC, information tech and gender, identity and the Internet, IT and society, virtual communities, etc.) (Daniel Chandler)
Kurzweil Cyber Art ("we create software that creates art")
George Legrady (UC Santa Barbara)
Making Visible the Invisible ("apermanent commission for the Seattle Public Library designed by the architect Rem Koolhaas. The project focuses on data flow and the library as a data exchange center where the circulation of books can be made visible and expressed statistically")
Pockets Full of Memories ("The audience contributes to an archive by digitizing an image of an object in their possession. The sum of the archive of objects is continuously being organized by a Kohonen self-organizing map algorithm, positioning objects of similar descriptions near each other. The archive of objects is projected on a large gallery wall and accessed on the internet"; see also the data archive accumulated from visitors to versions of the exhibition between 2001 and 2005)
Les Chroniques de Cybérie (in French)
The Lieberary: Henry Lieberman's On-Line Library (MIT Media Lab researcher's projects in applying artificial intelligence to interactive graphical interfaces)
Liquid Information Organization (site dedicated to envisioning a future, more "fluid" integration of information; the "liquid information environment" is "total integration, and not just an information tsunami. . . . It's where you can edit inform
Mary Flanagan (Hunter C.), Home Page ("links to creative work, shows / events, writing, cv, course materials, and my research projects for girls, including the RAPUNSEL project and "The Adventures of Josie True" funded by the NSF")
Michael Heim's The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality ("a philosophical endeavor initiated by Michael Heim"; includes seminars, books, and conferences on digital and virtual Reality)
Neo-Nomad (blog dedicated to the technonology, culture, and design of "mobilities") (Yasmine Abbas)
Postmodernism, Interactivity, Cyberculture, and Art: Online Resources (Wendy Gale Robinson, U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Duke U.)
The Robot Wisdom Pages (Jorn Barger)
The Sociology of Netnews: Bozos and Flamers, Potentials and Trends (Jorn Barger)
Survival Research Laboratories ("creative technicians dedicated to redirecting the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations. . . . Each [SRL] performance consists of a unique set of ritualized interactions between
Takedown (site that details the hunt for hacker Kevin Mitnick (once "America's most-wanted computer outlaw") from the perspective of Tsutomu Shimomura) (Vicious Fishes Web Design & Dan Meriwether)
Technology: Cognition, Computers, and the Internet: Online Resources (Wendy Gale Robinson, U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Duke U.)
Nomadic Research Labs ("He's been a technomad for the past 11 years, wandering 17,000 miles around the U.S. on various versions of a computerized recumbent bicycle") (Steve K. Roberts)
Pages of Folks from Technomads ("technomads" are defined as nomadic people who carry major tech along with them; e.g., Steve Mann) (Kathy Bilton)
Recumbents and Technomadics (Kathy Bilton)
Technorealism homepage ("technorealism demands that we think critically about the role that tools and interfaces play in human evolution and everyday life. Integral to this perspective is our understanding that the current tide of technological transformation, while important and powerful, is actually a continuation of waves of change that have taken place throughout history")
"A Benign Declaration Treated as Revolutionary" (1998) (article on technorealism; requires free subscription) (New York Times on the Web)
Michael Kinsley, "Goldilocks in Cyberspace" (1998) (commentary on technorealism) (Slate)
The Turing Test Homepage ("contains all the information that we could find concerning the so called 'Turing Test' ") (Ayse Pinar Saygin)
The Virtual City (Rice Design Alliance 1994 lecture series on the impact of technology on the concept of the city)
Xanadu Home Page (Ted Nelson's vision of hypertext=universe) (Andrew Pam)

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