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Media Studies
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Air America 
American Radio Relay League (morse code and ham radio enthusiasts)
The Bellingham Antique Radio Museum 
CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.)
Children's Radio International (Children's Music Web)
Deutsche Welle (German shortwave radio; requires the RealAudio client to receive audio)
Gainesville Amateur Radio Society On-Line ("Amateur radio is a hobby of personal enjoyment. But in times of need, hams are transformed into self-trained public service communicators, ready and able to help their neighbors during emergencies and natural disasters...")
Internet Talk Radio ("Internet Talk Radio started broadcasting in 1993 as the first radio station on the Internet. As part of the museum.media.org effort to rescue some of our past work, we're also maintaining archives of early programs in their original state. Over time, we hope to go back and rescue these archives, but for now we offer them to you the way they looked in the early days of the web. You may find some broken links and some musty audio formats, but we hope you'll find some use for the data in the state they are in until we get around to refurbishing them.")
Radio Locator (formerly "MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet") (500+ links, particularly useful for searching non-commercial--particularly college-radio--offereings) (Theodric Young)
Museum of Broadcast Communications 
Museum of Television and Radio 
Old Time Radio (OTR) 
Pacifica Radio Archives ("Pacifica Radio Archives is considered by historians and scholars to be one of the oldest and most important audio collections in the world. This site is an interactive window into the collection and what has made it all possible")
Pacifica Radio Foundation (audio and transcripts for Pacifica radio programming)
Prometheus Radio Project ("microradio resource center offering legal, technical, and organizational support for the non-commercial community broadcasters . . .conferences, events and literature on microradio and democratic media issues . . .public interest advocate on microradio issues, and to help facilitate public participation in the FCC rulemaking and legislative process")
Eric Boehlert (salon.com) "Radio's Big Bully" (series of articles on corporate consolidation of radio and Clear Channel Communications in particular)
Radio 4 All ("This site connects you to the movement to reclaim the airwaves...")
Radio Program Archive ("Over 35 years ago I began this radio collection from original transcriptions, private collectors and other institutional collections to preserve for research and scholarship what people had once heard over American radio. It was decided not to attempt to collect every program of every series which exists, but a representative sampling of most series and shows") (Marvin R. Bensman, U. of Memphis)
Radio-Canada (radio and TV; in French) (CBC)
Radio Canada International (multilingual)
Radio Days: A Soundbite History (offers soundbites clippings of radio from its earliest inception, including entertainment, commercials, and radio news)
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 
Real Radio ("This site has been inspired by recent disturbing events at one of the nation's last remaining bastions of free speech, KPFA . . . We can use the net to get the message out and to make sure everyone knows what is going on nationwide and even worldwide. On this site you will find links to other sites with more updated information. Most importantly, through this site you will be able to actually tune in to the few remaining radio stations that are doing something different and valuable. We hope to see that list grow over time. If you know of a station that needs to be heard (noncommercial only), this is the place to let us know")
Virtual Tuner ("The Internet's 1st Live Internet Radio and TV Directory")

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