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 •  Finger And Whois Services
 •  Guides To Searching For People On The Net
 •  Multipurpose Search Sites
Search The Internet (Beyond The Web)
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Finger And Whois Services
IntelliNet WHOIS Query Web Server (IntelliNet ISP)
WWW Finger Gateway (Doug Stevenson)
The WWW to Finger Gateway (Indiana U.)
Guides To Searching For People On The Net
Finding an E-Mail Address (good collection of links and info) (Masha Boitchouk, U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Multipurpose Search Sites (Many Of The Following Sites Assist In Finding Such Other Information As Phone Number, Mailing Address, Company Name, Etc.; Also See
411 Locate (Ultimate Technologies, Inc.)
Ahoy! The Homepage Finder (Jonathan Shakes, Marc Langheinrich, Oren Etzioni)
Bigfoot Global E-Mail Directory (Bigfoot Partners L. P.)
Four11 White Page Directory (Four11 Corp.)
Switchboard (Switchboard, Inc.)
WED - World E-Mail Directory (De Postel BV,WED)
Yahoo! People Search (Yahoo!)

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