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General Humanities Resources
Search The Internet (Beyond The Web)   Suggest a Link
About Searching The Internet
Richard A. Lawhern, Quick Search the Internet (guide to net-search resources written for VoS by a former professional data "miner"; Dr. Lawhern is also available by email to help beginners learn the Internet medium)
"Giving Something Back" Search Help (Richard "Red" Lawhern's page with resources to assist in using the net as an information source)
Homepage of "Red" Lawhern's Internet Search Help 
Finding People On Line and Off 
Personalized Search Help (ask an expert)
Internet Searching Services (annotated guide to major search engines and indexes) (Palimpsest / Western Civilization)
Search Engine Watch (extensive information, technical discussion, and reviews of Internet search engines) (Danny Sullivan)
Searching (New Mexico Highlands U.)
Multi-Search Sites (For Querying Multiple Search Engines) (see under Web Search above) 
Search Discussion Lists
Lizst, The Mailing List Directory (searchable database of e-mail discussion list names and addresses) (Scott Southwick / Topica, Inc.)
Reference.com (searchable directories of Usenet newsgroups, e-mail discussion lists, and Web discussion forums; advanced search features) (InReference, Inc.)
Tile.Net Lists (index of discussion lists and Usenet newsgroups) (Walter Shelby Group Ltd.)
Topica (free service that allows users to subscribe to and manage all their e-mail discussions lists; also allows users to create their own lists) (Topica, Inc.)
Search For E-Mail Addresses
Finger And Whois Services
IntelliNet WHOIS Query Web Server (IntelliNet ISP)
WWW Finger Gateway (Doug Stevenson)
The WWW to Finger Gateway (Indiana U.)
Guides To Searching For People On The Net
Finding an E-Mail Address (good collection of links and info) (Masha Boitchouk, U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Multipurpose Search Sites (Many Of The Following Sites Assist In Finding Such Other Information As Phone Number, Mailing Address, Company Name, Etc.; Also See
411 Locate (Ultimate Technologies, Inc.)
Ahoy! The Homepage Finder (Jonathan Shakes, Marc Langheinrich, Oren Etzioni)
Bigfoot Global E-Mail Directory (Bigfoot Partners L. P.)
Four11 White Page Directory (Four11 Corp.)
Switchboard (Switchboard, Inc.)
WED - World E-Mail Directory (De Postel BV,WED)
Yahoo! People Search (Yahoo!)
Search For Internet Servers By Domain Name, Industry, Or Location
Internet.Org! (also offers statistical and historical info about the net organizations) (Imperative!)
Search For Telnet Sites
Hytelnet (Peter Scott)
Hytelnet on WWW (Web gateway to Hytelnet database of telnet sites, especially library catalogues around the world) (Peter Scott)
Search Ftp Servers
Dogpile: A Multi-Engine Search Tool (Siprelle & Associates)
FTP Search v3.6 (Tor Egge)
MetaCrawler (use "search for files" option) (go2net, Inc.)
Reference.com (InReference, Inc.)
Search For Files On Anonymous Ftp Sites Using Archie:
Archie Services (large list of Archie sites, including sites searchable through Web forms) (Nexor, Ltd.)
Tile.Net FTP (searchable index of anonymous FTP servers; shows file lists on public directories on the servers) (Walter Shelby Group Ltd.)
Search Gopher Menus
Gopher Search 
Search Usenet Newsgroups
Alta Vista (Digital Equipment Corp.)
Dogpile: A Multi-Engine Search Tool (Siprelle & Associates)
Excite NetSearch (search engine for large database of Web pages and Usenet newsgroups; also includes many
Find-It! (iTools)
Google Groups (archived Usenet messages) (previously Deja News)
HotBot (Wired Digital, Inc.)
MetaCrawler (go2net, Inc.)
Reference.com (searchable directories of Usenet newsgroups, e-mail discussion lists, and Web discussion forums; advanced search features) (InReference, Inc.)
Search Usenet FAQs 
Tile.Net News (searchable index of Usenet newsgroups) (Walter Shelby Group Ltd.)
Usenet Newstand (search Usenet) (Critical Mass Communications)

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