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Literatures (Other Than English)
Spanish & Portuguese   Suggest a Link
(nncluding Latin American, Mexican)
General Resources in Spanish & Portuguese Lit.
Language and Culture (Sí Spain / Embassy of Spain in Ottawa, Canada)
Latino Literature Web Page (Lisette Blanco-Cerda y Abbott)
Letteratura spagnola (metapage in Italian) (Le Letterature del Mondo) (MC-link)
Literatura hispana (extensive links to literature from a number of Spanish speaking countries) (Cara Morey, Griffith University, Australia)
Literature in Latin America (LANIC, U. Texas, Austin)
Literature In Portuguese
Biblioteca Virtual de Língua e Literatura 
Portuguese Studies (Modern Humanities Research Assoc.)
Literature In Spanish
Jorge Luis Borges
Home Pages & General Resources
El Jardin de Senderos que se Bifurcan [Show]
The Jorge Luis Borges Center (Ivan Almeida, U. Aarhus, Denmark)
"The Aleph" (pHinnWeb)
"Borges and I" (from Borges' Labyrinths) (Martin Irvine, Georgetown U.)
"Funes, the Memorious" (A. L. Trupe)
"The Immortals" (annotated) (Irene Chen)
"The Library of Babel" (excerpts, with a picture of the staircase) (Jester)
"The Library of Babel" (The Libyrinth)
Miguel De Cervantes
Cervantes Project 2001 (large-scale project intending to "publish in print and as an electronic database the Cervantes International Bibliography Online and the Anuario Bibliográfico Cervantino, . . . several electronic editions of
The Don Quixote Exhibit (exhibit features the holdings of the George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins U., related to the Cervantes novel)
The Cervantes Project (Eduardo Urbina, Texas A&M U.)
Julio Cortazar
Julio Cortazar Page (biography and works) (Literatura Argentina)
Julio Danis Cortazar Page (Subir Grewal)
Ernesto Cardenal (Yvon D. Roustan)
Gioconda Belli (Yvon D. Roustan)
Jose Donoso Manuscript Collection (Princeton U. Libraries)
José Coronel Urtecho (Yvon D. Roustan)
Literatura Argentina Contemporánea (links to criticism, texts, biographies and pictures of contemporary Argentinian writers, in Spanish) (Eduardo Tabacman, Elena Achával, Ernesto Resnik)
Federíco García Lorca
Cien Años de Lorca: la obra, los dibujos, las fotos (Museo del Gayo)
Lorca Links (Augenstein Hannot)
Mario Vargas Llosa Papers (Princeton U. Libraries)
Gabriel García Márquez
Gabriel García Márquez Page (links, biography, bibliography) (Bohemian Ink)
Macondo: A Gabriel García Márquez Website (Allen B. Ruch)
Octavio Paz Page (Pages of Twentieth Century Mexican Poetry)
On Contemporary Venezuelan Literature (information on authors and publications) (Francisco Rivera)
Pablo Antonio Cuadra (Yvon D. Roustan)
Pablo Neruda Page (in Spanish) (U. Chile)
Pacasmayo ("literatura peruana, y especialmente de la provincia y el puerto de Pacasmayo") (Felipe Polo Wood)
Pere Gimferrer Page (in Spanish) (Enric Bou, Brown U.)
Peruvian Literature Page (in Spanish) (Alfredo Elejalde F.)
Romanticism: the Artistic Expression of Liberalism (Sí Spain / Embassy of Spain in Ottawa, Canada)
Rubén Darío (Yvon D. Roustan)
Salomon de la Selva (Yvon D. Roustan)
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Project (info and texts related to the 17th-century Mexican poet) (Luis M. Villar, Dartmouth C.)
Venezuelan Writers (from homepage, click on "Culture" for more on literature) (Embassy of Venezuela)
Spanish & Portuguese Depts.
U. California Santa Barbara Spanish & Portuguese Dept. 
U. Chicago Romance Languages and Literatures Dept. 

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