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 •  CAUSE: The Assoc. for Managing and Using Information Resources in Higher Education
 •  New Horizons in Scholarly Communication
Teaching Resources
Information for Faculty & Staff
Technology Of Teaching   Suggest a Link
(Including Teaching Software)
Annenberg/Corp. for Public Broadcasting Projects: Learner Online (helps "colleges, universities, high schools and community organizations use telecommunications technologies to improve learning for all students, including the growing number of older and part-time students, and informal learners in their home
Apple Higher Education Learning Community 
Warren J. Baker and Arthur S. Gloster II (California Polytechnic State U.), "Moving Toward the Virtual University: A Vision of Technology in Higher Education" (1994) (Cause/Effect)
CAUSE: The Assoc. for Managing and Using Information Resources in Higher Education
CAUSE Current Issues Committee, "Current Issues for Higher Education Information Resources Management" (1997) (Cause/Effect)
Cause/Effect ("a practitioner's journal for college and university managers and users of information resources)
Change, Especially Technological Change, and Its Impact on Education & Training (Dell Campbell, U. Southern Queensland, Australia)
John F. Chizmar and David B. Williams (Illinois State U.), "Altering Time and Space through Network Technologies to Enhance Learning" (1996) 
Columbia U. Institute for Learning Technology 
Curriculum Connections: Integrating Internet Resources into the Curriculum (American Library Assoc.)
The Digital Links: A Technology Newsletter for Art Educators (Bettie Lake)
Educational Renaissance Planners (resources and services for "the effective use of information and communication technologies that support and enhance learning for children and communities") (Alan November)
Educational Software FTP Site Listing (Curriculum Video)
Educational Technology Resources (E.J. Inglis-Arkell)
The Electronic Pedagogy Page of Slippery Rock U. (Nancy A. Barta-Smith / Raylene Thompson)
ERes (commercial software system for forms-based creation of course Web pages and course materials archives; "ERes is a distributed system: it can be managed from a central location, for example, a college library, or instructors can enter documents
EText: Custom Electronic Text Publisher (produces custom electronic books or course-packets to order)
From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal (Jamie McKenzie)
Georgetown U. Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable 
HEIRAlliance: The Higher Education Information Resources Alliance 
Higher Education and Technology (programs, organizations, companies, services, etc.) (Dan Knauft)
Innova Multimedia Ltd.: The Educational Software Developers (commercial "high quality, interactive, curriculum-specific, educational, computer software")
Intelligent Tutoring Media (technology of teaching)
Interactive Bibliography of Writings on Cyberculture, Hypertext, and Hypermedia (annotated bibliography with links to publishers' information on the works) (Chris Grooms, Collin County Community C., Texas)
Just in Time Learning on the Internet Project (Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford U.)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum U. Maryland, College Park) "Once Upon a Time in ENWR: The World-Wide Web as a Publication Medium for Student Essays" 
Marilyn's JITT (Just In Time Training) Resources (Oregon Public Education Network)
MOO: The Virtual Classroom (James J. O'Donnell, U. Penn.)
Multimedia for College-Level Writing (good collection of links to educational software resources) (Chris Coleman, Humber C.)
New Horizons in Scholarly Communication
Homepage of New Horizons in Scholarly Communication (guide with resources that "highlights trends affecting the process of creating, disseminating, retrieving, and using information for instruction and research at the university level") (Librarians Assoc. of U. California System)
Teaching (New Horizons in Scholarly Communication) 
Copyright & Intellectual Property 
Building & Organizing Collections 
Technology & Infrastructure 
New Media Literacies: Redefinitions of Literacy and Technology Through Graduate Student Teaching (Darren Cambridge, U. Texas, Austin)
Open Windows Education And Utility Programs 
The Paperless Classroom Project (Gerald L. Smith, U. of the South, Tennessee)
Pitsco Guide to Technology Education (Pitsco Technology Education)
R & D Center for Information Technology in Education (TOTY) (U. Joensuu, Finland)
Scholê: Teaching Culture in a Non-Linear Environment (theory and resources for rethinking pedagogy in a post-canonical and hypertextual environment; includes a well-selected set of online essays on teaching, culture, and digital media) (Rob van Kranenburg, Teacher Training Dept. in Gent [DLO])
Smart Valley, Inc. (consortium of Silicon Valley companies planning to wire California K-12 schools)
Karen L. Smith (U. Central Florida), "Preparing Faculty for Instructional Technology: From Education to Development to Creative Independence" (1997) (Cause/Effect)
Syllabus Magazine (technology and teaching)
Teachers and Technology: Making the Connection (Office of Technology Assessment)
Teaching with Electronic Technology (Michael L. Hall)
Technology & Education in the Social Sciences (TESS) Conference, Sept. 5-7, 1995 
"A Transformation of Learning: Use of the NII (U.S. National Information Infrastructure) for Education and Lifelong Learning" (U.S. Government)
Trends in the Delivery of Education -- Just In Time Education & Training Open & Distance Learning Life Long Learning (Dell Campbell, U. Southern Queensland, Australia)
John Unsworth (U. Virginia), "Constructing the Virtual Campus" -1994
Ellen D. Wagner (U. Northern Colorado), "The Technology Aside: Building a Strategic Plan to Strengthen Academic Programs" (1994) (Cause/Effect)
WebMark (Instructors can fill out a form at this site and receive by e-mail a Perl-script cgi-bin program that allows them to administer forms-based multiple-choice tests on the Web) (James Attree)
WWW Sites for Education & Training and Management of Education & Training (Dell Campbell, U. Southern Queensland, Australia)
Yale U. Center for Advanced Instructional Media 

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