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Thomas Love Peacock   Suggest a Link
General Resources
Biographers and Critics on Peacock (excerpts) (Peacock Scoeity)
Thomas Love Peacock Society (includes full text of works)
"The Four Ages of Poetry" (U. Toronto)
"The Four Ages of Poetry" (Peacock Society)
Headlong Hall (Peacock Society)
Maid Marian
The Misfortunes Of Elphin
Nightmare Abbey
1837 "Preface" to the Collected Novels (Peacock Society)
"The Four Ages of Poetry" (Peacock Society)
"The Four Ages of Poetry" (U. Toronto)
"The Last Day of Windsor Forest" (Peacock Society)
"Recollections of Childhood: The Abbey House" (Peacock Society)
Crotchet Castle  (Peacock Society)
"The Monks of St. Mark (Peacock Society)
Poems from Melincourt (Peacock Society)
The Round Table, Or King Arthur'S Feast
Shorter Poems (Peacock Society)
Sir Hornbook, Or Childe Launcelot'S Expedition: A Grammatico-Allegorical Ballad

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