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General Music Resources
About French Music 
WWW Sites of Interest to Musicologists (extensive metapage) (Mark Brill, U. California, Davis)
The American Music Center 
American Musicological Society 
BMG Classics 
A Brief History of Electronic Music Instruments (in French)
CAIRSS for Music Database of Music Research Literature (Charles T. Eagle, Southern Methodist U.; Donald Hodges, UTSA)
The Canada Council for the Arts - Music Discipline ("support for the development of individuals, groups, small ensembles, orchestras and other professionals working in the Canadian music community")
Classical Composer Biographies (Michael Norrish)
Classical Music Resources on the Web (Susan M. Brumbaugh, U Colorado, Boulder)
Classical Music on the Net (Douglas Bell)
Classical Guitar Tablature (750 tabs in plain text format + 350 MIDIs)(Weed)
The Classical Guitar Home Page (John Philip Dimick)
Classical Music Pages 
ClassicalNet (classical music page) (David Lampson)
Composer Biographies (Michael Norrish)
The Drums and Percussion Page 
Ever Expanding Web Music Listing 
Free Sheet Music Locate thousands of free sheet music downloads, lessons, tips, and articles; many instruments, many musical styles. Now has categories -- you can locate sources by instrument or genre.
Gender and Music Listserv 
Harmony Music List (U. California, San Diego, Music Library)
Humanities Faculty And Research Positions (Chronicle Of Higher Education)
Dance Faculty Positions 
IASPM: International Assoc. for the Study of Popular Music 
Knitting Factory (metapage of music and performance resources)
Music Education Search System (search gateway to the Music Journal database of 12,000+ citations and the Poland-Cady Abstract Collection of 4,500+ citations with abstracts) (Edward P. Asmus, U. Miami)
Music Education Resource Base (searchable)
Music Libraries (U. California, Davis)
Music Resources (U. Oregon School of Music)
Music Resources on the Internet: General, Classical and Jazz (Shirley E. Kaiser)
Music Room (Smithsonian Institute)
Music Search 
The National Music Foundation (dedicated to American music)
Nederlands Muziek Instituut (in Dutch)
NYC-Broadway, Opera, Cabaret, & Jazz (Easynett.com)
The Opera Schedule Server (Tams Mray)
Pollstar (searchable database of music tours; by artist, venue, city)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Music (U. Waterloo)
Sibelius Academy
Homepage (Helsinki, Finland)
Art and Cultural Resources 
Music in the Net 
Solomon's Glossary of Technical Musical Terms (Larry Solomon)
SXSW (South by Southwest) ("dedicated to building and delivering conference and festival events for entertainment and related media industry professionals"; produces internationally recognized SXSW Music and Media Conference & Festival, among others)
U. California, Berkeley Music Library 
WAIS Databases in Music 
Worldwide Internet Music Resources 
Early & Traditional Music
Medieval Music Database 
Digital Tradition Folk Song Database (Lyrics.com.au) (searchable)
Early Music Archives 
Early Music by Women Composers (Sarah Whitworth)
Early Music Mailing List 
Gregorian Chant Home Page 
A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments (includes photos, descriptions, quotes, and sounds) (Musica Antiqua Ensemble, Iowa State U.)
NetSERF: Medieval Music (History Dept., Catholic U. of America)
TML: Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum Database for Latin Music Theory (Indiana U. gopher)
Seventeenth Century
Journal of Seventeenth Century Music 
Eighteenth Century
Baroque Music Page 
J. S. Bach
Bach Central Station 
The Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (Thematic-Systematic Listing of the Works of J.S. Bach) (Wolfgang Schmieder)
The Canons and Fugues of J. S. Bach (Timothy A. Smith)
The J.S. Bach Home Page (Jan Hanford and Jan Koster)
Texts of the Complete Vocal Works with English Translation and Commentary (Z. Philip Ambrose)
Web Sites with Bach Information 
George Frederic Handel
The George Frederic Handel Homepage (Teri Noel Howe)
Handel (in Italian)
Franz Joseph Haydn
Franz Joseph Haydn 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Mozart Project (Steve HoSeong Yang, Rob Ceretti, Dan Fox)
Neue Mozart-Ausgabe (NMA)  (in English, German, Italian)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Antonio Vivaldi
The Antonio Vivaldi Homepage 
Antonio Vivaldi: Catalogue RV (in French)
Antonio Vivaldi (Classical Music Pages Bio)
Nineteenth Century
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Beethoven Bibliography Database at San Jose State U. (Web info page with telnet links to the bibliography; the bibliography indexes books and articles about Ludwig van Beethoven and first and early editions of his scores)
Beethoven Bibliography Database (telnet: option "D"; option "2")
The Beethoven Reference Site (in English, German)
Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies (San Josť State University)
Symphony No. 9 (study guide) (Paul Brians, Washington State U.)
Hector Berlioz
The Hector Berlioz Website (Monir Tayeb and Michel Austin)
The Hector Berlioz Page (Matthew B. Tepper) (includes link to Tepper's M.A. thesis on Berlioz)
Music of Hector Berlioz (Philip Legge)
Frederic Chopin
The Unofficial Chopin Homepage (includes over 200 midi files of music)
The Vancouver Chopin Society 
Sir Edward Elgar
Gustav Mahler
Felix Mendelssohn
Franz Schubert
Robert Schumann
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Verdi: La Traviata (study guide) (Paul Brians, Washington State U.)
Twentieth Century
John Cage
John Cage (Electronic Poetry Center, SUNY Buffalo)
The John Cage Online Celebration (Philadelphia Museum of Art/Seven Arts Magazine)
The Gilbert and Sullivan Collection (The Pierpont Morgan Library, NYC)
GlassPages: Philip Glass on the Web (Jordi Petit i Silvestri)
Gustav Mahler Page 
Barry Ulanov's A Jazz Glossary (1959) 
Jazz in France (Derek Erb)
The Jazz Photography Of Ray Avery 
Leonard Bernstein Page (official Bernstein page) (N2K Inc.)
Mississippi Writers and Musicians (Nancy N. Jacobs, Starkville High School, Miss.)
The Official George Crumb Home Page (Jaco van der Merwe, Potchefstroom U. for Christian Higher Education, South Africa)
Repetition: The David Bowie Critical Analysis Page (essays on Bowie, his music, art, films, etc.)
Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich
Sonic Outlaws (Web version of movie on the legal and articistic problematics of "collage-music") (Craig Baldwin)
William Grant Still
Still Going On: An Exhibit Celebrating the Life and Times of William Grant Still ("multimedia celebration of the centenary of the birth of . . . the dean of African-American composers") (Special Collections Library, Duke U.)
William Ransom Hogan Archive of New Orleans Jazz (Tulane U.)
Non-Western & Minority Culture Music
African American Music and Culture Archives (Indiana U. gopher)
The African Music Encyclopedia (Janet Planet)
Balinese Music (Gamelan) (Balivision.com)
The Blue Highway (on the history of the blues) (Curtis Hewston)
Ceolas Celtic Music Archive 
Gamelan Galak Tika (Balinese Gamelan at MIT)
International Library of African Music (text file)
Theory & Technical (Also Includes Cultural Theory)
ATMI - Association for Technology in Music Instruction 
Harmony Music List 
The Just Intonation Network 
Music Brain Information Database (telnet) login: mbi; password: nammbi)
Music Censorship
A Brief History of Banned Music ("selective on-line chronicle of popular music that has been censored, banned or altered in the name of community standards and morals"; begins with the 1950s) (Eric Nuzum0
Music Mind Machine (U. of Nijmegen and U. of Amsterdam)
Music Theory Online (Society for Music Theory journal) (Lee Rothfarb, UCSB)
The Official George Crumb Home Page (Robert Starobin)
Society for Music Theory 
Technology in Music Education (TIME) 
Wobbly, "Fun no More: Appropriation for Profit " (1997) (on sampling and "appropriative media techniques") (Thresholds)
Computers & Music
Audio Engineering Society 
CREATE: UCSB Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology ("supports education, artistic production, and research/development activities in the field of electroacoustic and computer music, intermedia and multimedia art, and electronic media art technology") (Music Dept., U. California, Santa Barbara)
The NGNM Project (description of "research program to develop new tools for the transmission, retrieval, and processing of multimedia data"; primary focus is on sound) (Music Dept., U. California, Santa Barbara)
Edinburgh University Collection of Historical Musical Instruments 
Humanities Faculty And Research Positions (Chronicle Of Higher Education)
Dance Faculty Positions 
Media Literacy Project, Project Associate: World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (U. Oregon)
Music Departments
Indiana University School of Music 
The Juilliard School Music Division` 
Potchefstroom U. for Christian Higher Education Dept. of Music and Conservatoire 
Florida State U. School of Music 
U. Auckland, New Zealand, Music Dept. 
UC Berkeley Music Dept. 
U. Chicago Music Dept. 
UCSB Music Dept. 
Westminster Choir College of Rider University (web site of Westminster Choir College) (information about the school, the school's history, choirs, performances, majors, faculty, degree requirements, Talbott Library, etc.)
Music Journals & Zines
Melomag ("devoted to the preservation of creative quality art form from around the world [...] to inform and educate readers about the latest in world & contemporary art, music, theatre, fashion, poetry and other various art forms")
Andante Magazine 
Journal of Seventeenth Century Music 
Leonardo Music Journal 
Music & Vision 
Music Theory Online (Society for Music Theory journal) 
Soundsite: The Online Journal of Sound Theory, Philosophy of Sound and Sound Art 

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