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William Blake   Suggest a Link
General Resources
The William Blake Archive (Web site for state-of-the-art text and image encoding project that uses a combination of SGML, HTML, Java, and proprietary software tools to allow users to search, view, and manipulate images of the original copies of Blake's works) (Morris Eaves, Robert Essick, Joseph Viscomi / Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, U. Virginia)
Blake Digital Text Project (Nelson Hilton, U. Georgia)
The Blake Multimedia Project (info about Hypercard-based resource apparently available on diskettes) (Steven Marx, Cal Poly U.)
Blake's "The Four Zoas" Fetishized: An Experimental Hypertext (Ron Broglio, Georgia Tech)
Blake's Gothic Readings (Douglass H. Thomson, Georgia Southern U.)
William Blake Online (Tate Britain)
John Tolva (Washington U.), "The 'bounding line': Verbal and Visual Linearity in Blake's 'Laoco÷n' and Book of Urizen" (hypertext essay with illustrations)
Brian Goldberg (U. Minnesota), "Byron, Blake, and Heaven" (2002) (Romanticism on the Net)
Coleridge's Comments on Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Letter to C. A. Tulk) (U. Virginia)
Ron S. Broglio (Georgia Tech) "Containment Undone: Blake's Early Prophecies Re-Radicalizing Paine's Rights " 
T.S. Eliot "Blake" (Bartleby Library)
Kari Kraus "Once, Only Imagined" (2003) ("interview with Morris Eaves, Robert Essick, and Joseph Viscomi, editors of The Blake Archive, on the 10th anniversary of its founding") (Romantic Circles)
David M. Baulch, "The Sublime of the Bible" (Romanticism on the Net)
David Lashmet (U. Florida), "Unfurling the Worm: Insecto-theology in William Blake's Thel"  
20/20 Blake (page for musical by George Coates with music by Adlai Alexander ad Todd Rundgren; "the audience wear 3D glasses to experience stereographic illusions created from digital manipulations of the paintings and engravings enabling live performers to appe
Writings & Images
America: A Prophecy (Blake Archive)
The Book of Thel (Blake Archive)
The Elohim Creating Adam (jpg picture) (Richard Record)
David E. Erdman
The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake (rev. ed., 1988) (complete text version put online by Nelson Hilton, U. Georgia; includes searchable
The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake (rev. ed., 1988) (searchable SGML-encoded version, minus Harold Bloom's commentary) (Blake Archive)
Europe: A Prophecy (Blake Archive)
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Blake Archive)
Nebuchadnezzar (jpg picture) (Richard Record)
On-Line Book Initiative Blake Texts (ftp)
Paradise Lost (Blake's 1808 illustrations to Milton's poem) (Don Ulin, U. Pittsburgh at Bradford)
Quotations from William Blake (Jorn Barger)
Satan Inflicting Boils Upon Job (jpg picture) (Richard Record)
Selected Poems (Richard Darsie, U. California, Davis)
Selected Poetry (U. Toronto)
Songs of Innocence and of Experience (multiple-version presentation of the Songs using clickable imagemaps based for reasons of speed on black-and-white reproductions of Blake's plates; clicking on an image brings up an enlargement; clicking on part of the enlargement brings up commen
Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Blake Archive)
The Tyger Page -- A Web Study of Blake's "The Tyger" (well-organized set of Blake and other romanticism links) (Randall Hughes, U. North Carolina, Pembroke)
The Urizen Books ("contains the texts of William Blake's Urizen books -- The [First] Book of Urizen, The Book of Ahania, and The Book of Los -- with links to the plates, notes, a glossary, and other materials useful for understanding the texts") (Joseph Hogan De
Visions of the Daughters of Albion (Blake Archive)
Visions of the Daughters of Albion (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
Web Concordances: William Blake - Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Rob Watt, U. Dundee)
The Web of Religion (jpg picture) (Richard Record)
William Blake Page (The Poetry Archives)

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