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Minority Studies
Asian Pacific American   Suggest a Link
General Resources
AArising: Da Entertainment Resource about Asian Pacific Americans 
Alliance Working for Asian Rights & Empowerment (AWARE) (Daniel C. Tsang, U. California, Irvine)
American Women's History: A Research Guide: Asian-American Women (Ken Middleton, Middle Tennessee State U.)
Anagram: Johns Hopkins Asian Interest Literary Magazine (Johns Hopkins U.)
Asian American Arts Alliance 
Asian American Association 
Asian American Feminism (Kristin Switala, Virginia Tech U.)
Asian-American History (Fact Monster)
Asian American Immigration (Gary Spencer and Frank Ridzi, Syracuse U.)
Asian American Journalists Association 
Asian American Literature: Sources for Research (Noelle Williams, San Jose State U.)
Amy Ling (U. Wisconsin, Madison), "Asian American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Selected Bibliography" (1985) (ADE Bulletin, Association of Departments of English)
Asian-American Literature: History, Classroom Use, Bibliography & WWW Resources (Brenda Hoffman, James Madison U.)
Asian American Literature: A Selective Bibliography (Paula J. Crawford and Annie Hor, California State U., Stanislaus)
Asian American Literature/Writers (bibliography with links to Amazon.com reviews) (Asian American Women Artists Association)
Asian American Movement Ezine: Progressive Radical & Revolutionary Asian American Perspectives 
Asian American Net 
Asian American Net: Organizations of Asian Descent in North America 
Asian American Policy Review (Harvard U.)
Asian American Studies Resource Guide (Ethnic Studies Project, U. Southern California)
Asian American Studies Research Guide (Mailinh Hong, Yale U.)
Asian American Theatre Revue (Roger W. Tang)
Asian American Village @ IMDiversity.com 
Asian American Writers' Workshop (Shawn Cheng)
Asian Canadian (Asian Canadian Multimedia, Inc.)
AsianDiversity.com ("career source for Asian Americans")
Asian Immigration to Hawaii (Jeffrey G. Barlow, Pacific U.)
Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America ("information source on the historical, political, demographic, and cultural issues that make up today’s diverse Asian American community") (C.N. Le, U. Massachusetts, Amherst)
Asian, Pacific & South Asian American Studies Videography (Media Resources Center, U. California, Berkeley)
Asian Pacific American Caucus (S. Karthick Ramakrishnan)
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO 
Asian-Pacific Americans in the US Army (US Army Center of Military History)
Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies 
Asian Pages (midwest Asian news source)
The Asian Professional Exchange 
The Asians in America Project 
AskAsia.org ("K-12 resource of the Asia Society")
Association for Asian Studies 
Association for Asian American Studies (Cornell U.)
Audrey: The Asian American Women's Lifestyle Magazine 
Bamboo Ridge Press 
CET: Ancestors in the Americas ("PBS series exploring the history and legacy of Asians in the Americas") (Center for Educational Telecommunications and PBS)
Children's and YA Books with Asian American Themes (Cynthia Leitich Smith Official Website)
Chop Block Dot Com ("online magazine focusing on Asian American entertainment, lifestyle, and pop culture")
Chronology of Asian American History (Emma Teng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Council for Asian American Studies Education (Andrew Chin, U. Texas, Austin)
East of California (EOC) (caucus within the Association for Asian American Studies) (George Mason U.)
East West Players (Suzanne Hee)
EatSquid (New York City based web zine)
Eurasian Community (Emma)
EurasianNation ("online community for people of mixed European and Asian descent")
Hapa Issues Forum ("national non-profit organization that provides diversity training to community organizations and leadership development to youth and young adults")
The Hapa Project (Kip Fulbeck)
Hapas.com ("forum and community all about the eurasian, biracial, multiracial, amerasian, mixed, blasian, hafu, half asian, and hapa")
A History Bursting With Telling: Asian Americans in Washington State (Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, U. Washington)
invAsian: The New Asian Journal for the Culturally Ambivalent 
Journal of Asian American Studies (Project MUSE)
Kaya: A Publisher of Asian/Diasporic Literature and Culture 
Elaine Kim (U. California, Berkeley), "Asian American Literature and the Importance of Social Context" (1985) (ADE Bulletin, Association of Departments of English)
Amy Ling (U. Wisconsin, Madison), "Teaching Asian American Literature" (Heath Anthology Newsletter, Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures, Georgetown U.)
Manaa: Media Action Network for Asian Americans 
ModelMinority.com: Asian American Empowerment 
Monolid Magazine 
NAATA: National Asian American Telecommunications Association 
National Asian American Student Conference 
National Asian Pacific American Bar Association 
National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium 
Preliminary Guide to Resources on Asian Pacific American Artists at the Archives of American Art (Smithsonian Institution)
Queer Asian Pacific Resources (Boston Queer Asian Pacific Alliance)
Starting an Asian American Studies Program (George Mason U.)
The TASSI Web Page (resources and curriculum materials for K-12 instructors) (Teachers' Asian Studies Summer Institute, California State Polytechnic U., Pomona)
UrbanAsian.com Social Network 
VC Online: Visual Communications: Southern California Asian American Central Inc. 
The White Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders 
The Wing Luke Asian Museum 
World History Archives: The History of Oceania 
Yell-Oh Girls: Emerging Voices of Asian American Girls (companion website to the published anthology)
Courses & Syllabi
Asian American Experiences Syllabus (Linus Yamane, Pitzer C.)
Asian American Politics (Wendy Tam Cho, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Asian Americans and Latinas in the Borderlands: Gender, Sexuality, and (Trans)nationalism (Sunaina Maira, U. Massachusetts, Amherst)
Asian American Sexualities Syllabus (Gina Masequesmay, California State U., Northridge)
Asian American Theater Syllabus (Dan Bacalzo, New York U.)
Asian American Women Writers Syllabus (Alexandra R. Wagner, George Mason U.)
Asian American Women Writers Syllabus (Caroline Chung Simpson, U. Washington)
Cyberhome of Dr. Melinda L. de Jesús (includes links to her course syllabi) (Melinda L. de Jesús, Arizona State U.)
Daryl J. Maeda's Homepage (includes links to his course syllabi) (Daryl Maeda, Oberlin C.)
Erika Lee (includes links to her course syllabi) (Erika Lee, U. Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Multiethnic Asian Americans Syllabus (Paul Spickard, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Seminar: Asian American Women Literature and Arts (Wei Ming Dariotis, San Francisco State U.)
Departments & Programs
Asian American Activities Center (A3C) (Stanford U.)
Asian American Studies Center (U. California, Los Angeles)
Asian American Studies Department (U. California, Santa Barbara)
Asian American Studies (San Francisco State U.)
Asian American Studies (U. California, Irvine)
Asian American Studies (California State U., Fullerton)
Asian American Studies (U. California, Davis)
Asian American Studies Institute (U. Connecticut)
Asian American Studies Program (Northwestern U.)
Asian American Studies Program (U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Asian American Studies Program (U. Maryland)
Asian American Studies (U. Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Asian American Studies Program (Cornell U.)
Asian American Studies Program (U. Pennsylvania)
Asian American Studies Program (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
Asian American Studies (Stanford U.)
Asian Pacific American Studies (Arizona State U.)
Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies (U. Michigan)
Asian/Pacific/American Studies (New York U.)
Center for Asian American Studies (U. Texas, Austin)
Department of Asian American Studies (California State U., Northridge)
Department of Ethnic Studies: Asian American Studies (U. California, Berkeley)
Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program (Smithsonian Institution)
Discussion Lists & Newsgroups
APIAHF Discussion Lists (Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum)
H-Asia Discussion Network (HNet Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine)
H-Japan Discussion Network (HNet Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine)
H-SEAsia Discussion Network (HNet Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine)
SASIALIT Mailing List: Literature of South Asia and the Indian Diaspora (Rice U.)
Chinese American
American Memory: The Chinese in California, 1850-1925 ("illustrates nineteenth and early twentieth century Chinese immigration to California through about 8,000 images and pages of primary source materials") (Library of Congress)
Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation  
Angel Island: Journeys Remembered by Chinese Houstonians (Houston Chronicle)
Banana: A Chinese American Experience (interactive online exhibit) (Claudia Chow, Lower East Side Tenement Museum)
Becoming American: The Chinese Experience (PBS)
Chinese-American Contribution to Transcontinental Railroad (Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum)
William Wei (U. Colorado, Boulder), "The Chinese-American Experience: 1857-92" (HarpWeek)
Chinese American History Timeline (Eric Mar, San Francisco State U.)
Chinese American Literature by Women: Seeking an Identity (Caroline Bujak, U. Calgary)
Chinese American Medical Society ("network of health resources for Chinese American health issues")
Chinese American Museum 
Chinese and Chinese Americans in Children's and YA Books (Cynthia Leitich Smith Official Website)
Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco 
Chinese Fine Arts Society 
Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) (based in Santa Clara County, California; "founded . . . as a non-profit organization to promote and preserve Chinese American and Chinese history and culture through community outreach activities")
Chinese Historical Society of America 
Chinese Historical Society of Southern California 
Five Views: A History of Chinese Americans in California (National Park Service)
Grinding Tofu: Coming Out ("explores the existence and complexity of the queer Chinese American community") (Erika, Jocelyn, Mark, Pam, Wynn, U. California, Los Angeles)
On-line Chinese Tools ("tools to help people learn and use Chinese"; "includes flash cards, dictionaries, calendar, and currency converters") (Erik E. Peterson)
Organization of Chinese Americans 
The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage (Arizona Historical Society and Esther Don Tang, U. Arizona)
San Francisco History by Subject - Chinese (The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco)
US Chinese Cultural Arts Association 
YellowBridge: Chinese American Guide to Culture and Entertainment (J. Lau)
Filipina/o American
Bayani Magazine: Journal of Filipino Arts and Culture 
BoondocksNet ("site concerned primarily with anti–imperialism in the United States during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries") (Jim Zwick)
The Filipino-American Experience: A Work-in-Progress ("this presentation answers in visual terms, the basic questions of who, where and what we are as immigrants living in contemporary America") (Norman Montifar)
Filipino American Literature (Reshmi Hebbar, Emory U.)
Filipino American National Historical Society 
Filipinas Magazine 
The Filipino Express 
The Filipino Reporter 
PinoyLit, A Philippine Literature Page 
Philippine Post Magazine 
Philippine News Links 
Philippine American Literary House (PALH) 
Tanikalang Ginto ("the Philippines' most comprehensive and largest human-edited web directory") (Ken Ilio)
Tanikalang Ginto (FilipinoLinks.com) (Ken Ilio Associates)
Japanese American
Children of the Camps: The Japanese American WWII Internment Camp Experience ("documentary captures the experiences of six Americans of Japanese ancestry who were confined as innocent children to internment camps") (Satsuki Ina)
Children's and Young Adult Books with Japanese American and Japanese Themes (Cynthia Leitich Smith Official Website)
Conscience and the Constitution (program and resources on Japanese Americans who refused to be drafted from concentration camps in WWII) (PBS)
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project 
Executive Order 9066: The Internment of 110,000 Japanese Internment (Asian American Studies Center, U. California, Los Angeles)
Five Views: A History of Japanese Americans in California (National Park Service)
Japanese American Citizens League 
Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project ("provides enhanced access to the UW Libraries holdings on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II"; includes "a virtual exhibit focusing on the Puyallup assembly center, Camp Harmony, and enhanced access to archival guides and inventories of UW Libraries Special Collections") (U. Washington Libraries)
Japanese American National Museum 
The Japanese American Network ("partnership of Japanese American organizations based in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles"; "info about Japanese Americans--art, culture, community, history, news, events, social services, and public policy issues")
Japanese Canadian Internment (U. Washington Libraries)
Katonk.com (offers a unit overview, listing of personnel, photographs, news, and events pertaining to the 442nd Regimental Combat Team of the US Army during World War II) (Michael Furukawa)
Manzanar National Historic Site (National Park Service)
A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans & the US Constitution (Smithsonian National Museum of American History)
National Japanese American Historical Society 
NikkeiWest: Northern California's Only All-English Japanese American Newspaper 
Rabbit in the Moon: A Memoir/Documentary by Emiko Omori (companion website to the documentary about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II) (PBS)
San Francisco History by Subject - Japanese (The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco)
Korean American
Centennial Committee of Korean Immigration to the United States-Greater Washington 
Center for Korean Studies (U. Hawai'i, Manoa)
Center for Korean-American and Korean Studies (CKAKS) (California State U., Los Angeles)
The Half Korean Page (David Lee Sanders)
The Interpreter by Suki Kim (includes text and audio version of the first chapter)
JoongAngUSA (daily Korean newspaper)
KCCLA: Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles 
Kilmok: Journal of Korean-American Perspectives (U. Chicago)
Korea Herald (leading English newspaper in Korea)
KoreAm Journal (online version of magazine on the "Korean American experience")
Korean American Centennial Commemoration 
Korean American Historical Society (KAHS) 
Korean American Literature: Spring 2002 (PDF film of syllabus for a Korean American literature course) (Shu-mei Shih, U. California, Los Angeles)
Korean American Museum
Homepage for the Korean American Museum 
KA Community (includes info on Korean American history, organization, demographics, and pioneers) (Korean American Museum)
KA Culture (includes info on Korean American art, literature, and film)
KAM Programs (includes info on Korean American Museum's exhibits, archives, education, and events)
Korean American Political Action Committee 
Korean American Scholarship Foundation 
Korean-American WWW Sites (M. Y. Han, Duke U.)
Korean and Korean American Children's and YA Books (Cynthia Leitich Smith Official Website)
Korean Community Center of the East Bay 
Korean Cultural Service of New York 
Korean Quarterly Home 
Korean Youth & Community Center 
Korean Youth Cultural Center 
The Korea Society 
Korea Times 
Korea WebWeekly ("independent, non-partisan, non-profit web on all things Korean: Her history, culture, economy, politics and military")
National Association of Korean Americans (NAKA) 
National Korean American Service and Education Consortium 
New York Seoul: Your Online Guide to the Korean American Community 
The Philip Ahn Admiration Society 
Radio Korea (AM 1230)
Society of Korean-American Scholars 
Yisei Magazine (magazine geared towards second-generation Korean Americans) (Harvard U.)
yKAN: Young Korean American Network 
South Asian American
Asian American Net: South Asia 
Asian Indian Immigration (Julie Rader, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
CIA: The World Factbook - India 
Embassy of India, Washington, DC 
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Washington, DC 
India (Asian Studies Network Information Center, U. Texas, Austin)
India Literacy Project 
Indian American Political Awareness Committee 
INDOlink ("first ethnic portal serving Asian Indians worldwide since 1995")
Kicon - Vietspace (virtual community and companion site to Viet Weekly)
Little India ("largest circulated Indian publication in the USA")
Pakistan: A Country Study 
Pakistan Link ("first Pakistani newspaper on the Internet")
Princeton South AsianTheatrics (P-SAT) (Princeton U.)
Rosane Rocher, "South Asian American Studies A Working Bibliography 1975-1994" (SAGAR: A South Asia Graduate Resource Journal, U. Texas, Austin)
SAWNET: South Asian Women's NETwork (Susan Chacko, Lata Narayanan, and Kavita Rao, U. Maryland)
South Asian American Literature (Manish Vij)
South Asian Diaspora (includes essays, images, bibliographic guides, and other electronic resources) (U. California, Berkeley Library)
Southeast Asian American
Air America (Barbara Thielen, Air America)
Asian Shamanism (Carolyn Brown Heinz, California State U., Chico)
Cambodia: A Country Study 
Cambodian Genocide Program (Ben Kiernan, Yale U.)
Sucheng Chan, Hmong Means Free: Life in Laos and America (introductory chapter to her book) (WWW Hmong Homepage)
CIA: The World Factbook - Cambodia 
CIA: The World Factbook - Laos 
CIA: The World Factbook - Thailand 
CIA: The World Factbook - Vietnam 
Fusion Pictures 
Gary Yia Lee, PhD: A Hmong Anthropologist 
Hmong Cultural Center (Mark Pfeifer)
Hmong Language Group 
Hmong Lessons 
Hmong Nationality Archives ("mission is to research, collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate materials in all formats about or by Hmong")
The Hmong People in the US (Jeff Lindsay)
Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center
Homepage for the Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center ("info about studies of Hmong history, culture, and adaptation in diasporic communities around the world"; "includes detailed Hmong, Lao, Cambodian, and Vietnamese census data from the US Census as well as bibliographies") (Mark Pfeifer)
Cambodian Bibliographies (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Cambodian Census Data (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Hmong Census Data (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Hmong Lesson Plans for Teachers (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Hmong Links (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Hmong Research Bibliographies (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Hmong Studies Journal (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Lao Bibliographies (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Lao Census Info (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Lao Links (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Online Research Articles (Mark Pfeifer, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center)
Vietnamese Studies Internet Resource Center ("features a library of several on-line research papers, extensive bibliographies of Vietnamese-related articles and books, comprehensive census data, an on-line Vietnamese Studies bookstore and a list of related links") (Mark Pfeifer)
Vietnamese Research Bibliographies (Mark Pfeifer, Vietnamese Studies Internet Resource Center)
Vietnamese Links (Mark Pfeifer, Vietnamese Studies Internet Resource Center)
Hmong Studies Journal 
Hmong Stuff (includes Hmong glossaries, dictionaries, writing tools, etc.) (Brian McKibben)
Hmong Wisconsin Radio 
Lao Family Community of Minnesota 
Lao Human Rights Council, Inc. 
Laos: A Country Study (Library of Congress)
Laos Radio 24 Hours RealAudio 
Mekong Network: Southeast Asian Information 
Lynette Nyman, "This Is Home: The Hmong in Minnesota" (1999) (Minnesota Public Radio)
Resources about the Hmong for Teachers (Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen, U. Wisconsin, Superior)
SEACRC: Southeast Asia Community Resource Center 
SEARAC: Southeast Asia Resource Action Center 
SEAsite Laos: Lao Language and Culture Learning Resources (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois U.)
Southeast Asia Web: Southeast Asian Studies (Stephen Arod Shirreffs)
The Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America (PBS)
Suab Hmong Radio 
Thailand: A Country Study (Library of Congress)
VietGATE: Gateway to the Online Vietnamese Community 
Vietnam: A Country Study 
The Vietnam Center (Texas Tech U.)
Virtual Hmong 
WWW Hmong Homepage 

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