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Sci-Tech & Cultural Studies
Digital Cultures Multi-Campus Research Group   Suggest a Link
The DC-MRG brings together faculty and graduate students from the University of California system who are engaged with new digital technologies and the ways they impact humanistic studies and the arts.
Aarseth, Espen (U of Bergen) "So What Else Is New: Computers and the Academic Construction of New Media" 
Bowker, Geof (Communication, UC/San Diego) "When the Local Meets the Global in the Infrastructure" 
Carver, Larry (Library, UCSB) "The Evolution of the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Design" 
Case, Sue-Ellen (Theater, UC/Los Angeles) "Sexing the Interface: Gender, Sex and the Avatar" 
Daniel, Sharon (Film and Digital Media, UC/Santa Cruz) "Collaboration and Agency: Need_X_Change as Community Interface" 
Ernst, Wolfgang (Bauhaus-Universitšt, Weimar) "Replacing Faces by Interfaces: an Archeology of Media-Knowledge" 
Geller, Paul (U.S.C. Law School), "Copyright History and the Future: What's Culture Got to Do With It?"  
Hayles, Katherine (English, UC/Los Angeles) "Material Metaphors and Inscription Technologies: Re-Imagining the Interface" 
Heim, Michael (Digital Media Faculty Art Center College of Design) The Feng Shui of Virtual Enviornments 
Jacob, Christian (Director of Research, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) "From Alexandria to Alexandria: Scholarly Interfaces of a Universal Library" 
Legrady, George (Department of Art Studio, UC Santa Barbara) Pockets Full of Memories (A Brief Overview)
Liu, Alan (English, UC Santa Barbara) Classroom of the Future 
Liu, Alan (UC/Santa Barbara) "The Art of Extraction" Toward a Cultural History and Aesthetics of XML and Database-Driven Web Sites.
Luke, Tim W. (Political Science, VTI&SU) From Analogue to Digital Fordism: Reimagining the Global Production and Local Consumption of Automobiles at Ford.com 
Lunenfeld, Peter (Art Center College of Design, Pasadena) "Visual Intellectuals and Networked Ideals" 
Manovich, Lev (Visual Arts Department, UC/San Diego) "From Cultural Interfaces to Info-Aesthetics" (Or: from Myst to OS X)
Miller, J. Hillis (English and Comparative Literature, UC Irvine) Digital Blake 
Poster, Mark (Director of Film Studies, Professor of History, UC/Irvine) "Perfect Transmissions: Evil Bert Laden" 
Sack, Warren (SIMS, UC/Berkeley) "Online Public Space and Public Discourse" 
Schiller, Dan and Yuezhi Zhao (Department of Communication, UC San Diego), National and Transnational Linkages in the Construction of Digital Capitalism: Bringing the Chinese into the Picture 
Siskin, Clifford (English, U of Glasgow) "Interfacing with Writing: Clubs and Systems in Eighteenth-Century Print Culture" 
Sobchack, Vivian (Film and Television, UC Los Angeles) Nostalgia for a Digital Object: Regrets on the Quickening of Quick Time 
Warner, William (English, UC/Santa Barbara) "Enlightened Anonymity" 
Warner, William (UC/Santa Barbara) Discussion Threads from "Interfacing Knowledge" Conference 
Warner, William B. (English, UC Santa Barbara) A Digital Broadside: The Geopolitics of Napster; or, New Media North and South 
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