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Science, Technology, & Culture
Sci-Tech & Cultural Studies   Suggest a Link
(Including Technology Theory; See Also Philosophy of Technology on Philosophy page)
The 2001 Principle ("Re-examines and attempts to re-validate the classical 'Argument from Design' using the concept of Cognitive Dissonance and audience reaction to the film 2001--A Space Odyssey") (info@2001principle.net)
Actor Network Theory Resource Page (Annotated Bibliography) ("Actor-network theory grew up in science and technology studies as an attempt to understand 'materiality' - the ways in which social and technical relations are embodied and perform themselves in the ordering and re-ordering of texts, artefacts, and the natural world. It assumes that relations ramify through such heterogeneous materials in the form of a 'seamless web' - and indeed that for many purposes, for instance in the 'heterogeneous engineering' of entrepreneurs or scientists, the distinction between [for instance human and non human] is irrelevant") (John Law, Lancaster U.)
Ascending Node (zine, "newsletter on space-related events," 1994-1998) (Guy McArthur)
Michael Bauwens, "Deus ex Machina vs. Electric Gaia" (CMC Magazine, April 1997)
Wendy Wahl (U. Vermont) "Bodies and Technologies: Dora, Neuromancer, and Strategies of Resistance" (essay from Postmodern Culture 1993)
Nannette Brenner (U. Texas, Arlington), The Cyborg of the Main Battle Tank: A Tool Of Human Engineering (Enculturation)
Centre for Social Theory and Technology, Keele U. 
Global Urban Research Unit, U. Newcastle (formerly the Centre for Urban Technology, which is now a subgroup of the Research Unit)
John R. R. Christie (U. Leeds), "A Tragedy for Cyborgs" (1993) ("This essay therefore adopts strategies whose overall effect is to extend the relays of cyborg imagery well beyond those postulated in [Haraway's] "Manifesto," in order to recognize the cultural and political complexity of cyborg semiosis, and to grasp the aporias that such extension produces for Haraway's writing") (Configurations)
Critical Art Ensemble,  (9/94 essay from CTHEORY)
Cultural Studies of Science and Technology ("This page [a collection of links] is devoted to the cultural studies of science and technology, i.e. the understanding of the mutual relations between culture and science and technology. . .") Phoebe Sengers (Center for Art and Media Technology, Germany)
Cyborgs (Karla Tonella / Communication Studies, U. Iowa)
DevelopNet News: On-Line News and Views on Technology Transfer in International Development (newsletter)
Digital Media: Technology, Postmodernism and Other Stuff (annotated guide to online resources) (Communication Studies Dept., U. Iowa)
Digital Cultures Multi-Campus Research Group The DC-MRG brings together faculty and graduate students from the University of California system who are engaged with new digital technologies and the ways they impact humanistic studies and the arts. [Show]
Samuel Ebersole (Regent U., Virginia),
"Media Determinism in Cyberspace" (Hypertext essay; Sections include: "A Brief History of Technology," "Early Philosophers of Technology," "The Neutrality of Technology," and "Philosophical Assumptions of Cyberspace")
Electric Living in Canada (very graphics intensive zine) (Vancouver Film School)
Freebase: Online Journal of Culture and Technology 
David Goodstein, "Scientific Elites and Scientific Illiterates" 
Donna Haraway and Cyborgs
Border Crossings: Cyborgs (Karla Tonella, U. Iowa)
Carolyn Keen on Haraway, "Cyborg Manifesto" (Jim English, U. Pennsylvania)
John R. R. Christie (U. Leeds), "A Tragedy for Cyborgs" (1993) (Configurations)
Communication Studies: Digital Media: Cyborgs (Karla Tonella, U. Iowa)
Donna Haraway, Avenali Professor for 2003-2004 (includes a link to the webcast of her Avenali lecture ) (U. California, Berkeley)
Donna Haraway Biblio (Elisa Kay Sparks, Clemson U.)
Donna Haraway Bibliography (Laura Sells, Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U.)
Donna Haraway - Professor of Feminist Theory and Technoscience - Biography (faculty page) (European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland)
Donna Haraway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Donna J. Haraway Resources at Erratic Impact's Feminism Web (Philosophy Research Base, Erratic Impact)
William Grassie (Temple U.), "Cyborgs, Trickster, and Hermes: Donna Haraway's Metatheory of Science and Religion" (1996) 
Donna Haraway, "Chapter 9: Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective" (1991) (from Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: the Reinvention of Nature) (Reproductive Technologies Web: RT21, Harvard U.)
Donna Haraway, "A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century" (1991) (Stanford U.)
Donna Haraway, "The Promises of Monsters: A Regenerative Politics for Inappropriate/d Others" (1992) (Stanford U.)
P. K. Jamison (Indiana U.), "Contradictory Spaces: Pleasure and the Seduction of the Cyborg Discourse" (1994) (Arachnet Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture)
Hari Kunzru, "You Are Cyborg" (1997) (Wired News)
Language Visualization and Multilayer Text Analysis ("prototype tool that can study language/discourse phenomena in three-dimensional space") (Cornell U.)
Notes on Donna Haraway (Krista Scott-Dixon)
Ode to Donna Haraway -- Voxygen (Laura Sells, Louisiana State U.)
Gary A. Olson, "Writing, Literacy and Technology: Toward a Cyborg Writing" (1996) (JAC, Georgia State U.)
PopCultures.com: Theorists and Critics: Donna Haraway (Sarah J. Zupko)
Reverse Transcript - Hyperlink to Donna Haraway (Tsuyoshi Toyofuku)
Swirl: Donna Haraway (Southern Oregon U.)
Robert M. Young, "Science, Ideology, and Donna Haraway" (1992) (U. Sheffield)
Thomas E. Hart, "The Language of Popular Scientific Discourses" 
Larry Hinds, "The Collision Between Western Civilization and Advanced Science and Technology" 
Journal of Scientific Exploration ("The Society and its Journal provide a critical forum of rationality and observational evidence for the often strange claims at the fringes of science...")
Kevin Kelly, Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World (1994) ("This book describes how technology is becoming biological, decentralized and distributed")
Luddites And Neo-Luddism
King Ludd and the Resistance to Technology (online conference held 9/23/95 on U. Virginia IATH-MOO; this gopher archive of the conference includes pre-conference statements by well-known panelists and "tapes" of the proceedings)
Luddites On-Line
Homepage ("the only place in cyberspace devoted exclusively to luddites, technophobes and other refugees from the Information Revolution. Our usuer-friendly graphic interface allows you to discuss strategies for undermining the growing cybourgeoisie a
Luddite Links 
New Luddite Society 
Thomas Pynchon, "Is it O.K. to Be a Luddite?" (1984) (New York Times Book Review / Spermatikos Logos)
David Wright (KQED-FM / KRON-TV), "Technophobia: A Small Band of Hopefuls Battles the Giant of Progress" (1995) 
Victor Margolin (U. Illinois, Chicago), "The Politics of the Artificial" (1995) (philosophical approach to the concept of artifice that includes discussion of William Gibson, Jean Baudrillard, Donna Haraway, and other postmodern writers)
Marist College English Web: Postmodern Theory, Cultural Studies, and Hypertext (Tom Goldpaugh)
McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, Toronto 
Melissa McMahon, "Beauty: Machinic Repetition in the Age of Art" (1996) (Globe E)
Netfuture: Technology and Human Responsibility (weekly newsletter that submits the net to ethical, social, political critique) (Steve Talbott)
Nirvanet (sophisticated, multimedia French site devoted to technoculture; in English, French, or Spanish)
North Carolina State U. Program on Science, Technology, & Society (Patrick Hamlett, NCSU)
Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities (rich, sophisticated introduction to "the various discourses, disciplines, media and institutions that have produced significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi Genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45"
Avital Ronell
Avital Ronell Bibliography (Peter Krapp, U. Konstanz)
Alexander Laurence, Interview (1994) 
Joseph Rouse (Wesleyan U.), "What Are Cultural Studies of Scientific Knowledge?" (1993) (Configurations)
Science as Culture Forum (Robert M. Young, Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, U. Sheffield)
Science, Technology and Society (metapage) (Catherine McCabe, Melanie O'Neil, & Karen Rowswell, U. Alberta )
Science, Technology and Society (metapage of science, technology, and society resources) (North Chadderton School, Oldham, Lancashire, England)
Sci-Tech & Cultural Studies: Depts., Programs, &Amp; Centers
BEST Home Page (Board of European Students of Technology) 
Stanford University Program in Science, Technology and Society 
Speed (theory, technology, media, and society zine)
Barbara Maria Stafford (U. Chicago), "Voyeur or Observer? Enlightenment Thoughts on the Dilemmas of Display" (1993) (on microscopy and the cultural history of vision) (Configurations)
Survival Research Laboratories ("creative technicians dedicated to redirecting the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations. . . . Each [SRL] performance consists of a unique set of ritualized interactions
The Technology Page
Homepage (Developmental Technologies, Inc.)
Selected Links:  
Business & Technology 
Education & Technology 
Emerging Technology 
Information Technology 
People & Technology 
Science & Technology 
The Technological Risk List 
Technology Around the World 
Technology Reference Sources 
Wild Technology Links 
Technology Listserv Archives (philosophical discussions of technology) (Spoons Collective)
Technology Review:: MIT's National Magazine of Technology & Policy 
Nomadic Research Labs ("created by Steven K. Roberts, who has been a technomad for the past 13 years -- wandering 17,000 miles around the U.S. on various versions of a computerized recumbent bicycle known as Behemoth") (Faun Skyles)
Pages of Folks from Technomads ("technomads" are defined as nomadic people who carry major tech along with them; e.g., Steve Mann) (Kathy Bilton)
Recumbents and Technomadics (Kathy Bilton)
Technomadness / Nomads (catalogue of works in technonomadism and nomadism from Freecyb; in French with some English)
UCSB Transcriptions Project An NEH-funded curricular development and research initiative started in 1998 by the English Dept. at UC Santa Barbara to focus on literary study and information society. The goal of is to demonstrate a paradigm—at once theoretical, instructional, and technical—for integrating new information media and technology within the core work of a traditional humanities discipline. Transcriptions seeks to "transcribe" between past and present understandings of what it means to be a literate, educated, and humane person. [Show]
Useless Technology (CTHEORY)
U.S. Nuclear Accidents (allen lutins, Binghamton U.)
WITI: International Network of Women in Technology 
Robert M. Young (Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, U. Sheffield), "Science, Ideology and Donna Haraway" (1992) 

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