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Sci-Tech & Cultural Studies
UCSB Transcriptions Project   Suggest a Link
An NEH-funded curricular development and research initiative started in 1998 by the English Dept. at UC Santa Barbara to focus on literary study and information society. The goal of is to demonstrate a paradigm—at once theoretical, instructional, and technical—for integrating new information media and technology within the core work of a traditional humanities discipline. Transcriptions seeks to "transcribe" between past and present understandings of what it means to be a literate, educated, and humane person.
Transcriptions Cyborg Resources A survey of the online information pertaining to cyborgs.
General Resources
Cyborg Resources Page University Scholars Program, National University of Signapore.
Border Crossings: Cyborgs (Karla Tonella, U. Iowa)
Communication Studies: Digital Media: Cyborgs (Karla Tonella, U. Iowa)
2001: A Space Odyssey Information on both the Arthur C. Clarke book and film by Stanley Kubrick.
The Search for Meaning in 2001 The following is an edited and revised version of George D. DeMet's undergraduate honors thesis at Northwestern University in 1997-1998. It does not attempt to find a single interpretation of 2001, instead it looks at the different ways that the film has been interpreted over the last 30 years.
downloadable wav. files with voice of HAL 9000  
The Myth of 2001 Written by Arthur C. Clarke, excerpted from Report on Planet Three and Other Speculations, 1972 Harper and Row.
Newsgroups related to Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and 2001: A Space Odyssey  
Screenplay of  Transcription of the 1965 screenplay.
Special Effects By George D. DeMet Originallly published in DFX, July 1999
Blade Runner Links to sites with information on both the Philip Dick story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Ridley Scott's film, Blade Runner.
2019: Off-World (Blade Runner Page) A growing archive of material related to the movie.
Review of Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep? 
Cyborg Fiction
Homo Sapiens Declared Extinct BRUCE STERLING, Nature, November 11, 1999 Yes, human beings have finally gone, but the 24-hour global party continues.
Boston Phoenix Review (Jeffrey Gantz, 2000)
"Cities and Machines" (Paul Smethhurst, 2003)
"Express Yourself" Video by Madonna
The German-Hollywood Connection 
Information on various versions of the film 
Internet Movie Database Entry on Metropolis 
"Machine Culture" (Andy Deck, 2002)
Metroplis image gallery 
"The Modernist Project of Early Silent Film" 
Cyborg Scholarship
ctheory.net "International journal of theory, technology, and culture"
The Cyborg's Dilemma: Progressive Embodiment in Virtual Environments How does the changing representation of the body in virtual environments affect the mind? This article considers how virtual reality interfaces are evolving to embody the user progressively. The effect of embodiment on the sensation of physical presence, social presence, and self presence in virtual environments is discussed. The effect of avatar representation on body image and body schema distortion is also considered. The paper ends with the introduction of the cyborg's dilemma, a paradoxical situation in which the development of increasingly "natural" and embodied interfaces leads to "unnatural" adaptations or changes in the user. In the progressively tighter coupling of user to interface, the user evolves as a cyborg.
Cyborg Manifesto or the Joy of Artifice Cyborg Manifesto, or The Joy of Artifice is a group exhibition that explores the interrelationship between technology, nature, and culture. The artists in the exhibit explore a territory that falls between a fear of technology as a product of our own making, and a view of technology as a path towards progress--one, that for many, leads to a kind of spiritual transcendence. In this exhibit, the cyborg, a hybrid of machine and organism, is used as a metaphor for navigating the boundaries between fact and fiction. It suggests that the idea of merging with the tools of our own making--to theoretically become something else that we are not--is a way by which to expand on our identities as human beings.
Cyborg manifesto : the true story of a an online cyborg spoof  
Cyborgs 'R' Us Georgetown's Martin Irvine's guide to the history of the cyborg.
Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto" The classic text in cyborg theory.
Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF Cyborg Anthropology Archive Links to cyborg scholarship from diverse publications (both web and print), as well as interviews with academics such as Constance Penley and Andrew Ross.
"He, She or It: The Cyborg De-Constructs Gender in Post Modern Science Fiction " An article on feminism and the cybord by Barbara Summerhawk (The University of Waterloo).
Science and the Cyborg How is the scientific community working to integrate technology into the human body? A survey of current and future practices that may turn us all into cyborgs.
The Cyborg Known as You Recently, a Florida family agreed to have tiny, scannable ID chips implanted under their skin. Containing a radio frequency identification tag, each implant stores a number that can be cross-referenced with a database containing a person's name and medical history. The unveiling of the "first cyborg family" was staged as a publicity stunt by a struggling tech startup called Applied Digital Solutions (ADSXE), which touted the chips' ability to make monitoring patients as easy as tracking cans of soup.
Lamprey cyborg sees the light and responds The $6-million eel it ain't. But researchers who have taken the unprecedented step of connecting a brain, in this case a sea lamprey's brain, to a small mobile robot say they've got a roving fishbot that may someday lead to better prosthetic devices for humans.
Medical Technology & Redefinitions of the Body Modern surgical procedures, particularly those involved in transplanting or replacing body parts, have redefinited the way poeple conceive the physical bodies of themselves and others.
My Not-So-Secret Life as a Cyborg The presence of disabled people is not reflected in society, either in images or in positions of power. Meanwhile we are regarded by others as being asexual and unable and/or lacking the right to breed. Is it any wonder, then, if we take to replicating digitally in our own mirrors?
Scientists test first human cyborg OXFORD, England -- A British university professor has been fitted with cyborg technology enabling his nervous system to be linked to a computer.
Selections from Marie O'Mahony's Cyborg: The Man-Machine
Facilitator: Fighter Pilot 
Artificial Intelligence 
Artificial Life 

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