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 •  Peter Ackroyd
 •  Martin Amis
 •  J.G. Ballard
 •  Anita Brookner
 •  Julian Barnes
 •  A. S. Byatt
 •  Angela Carter
 •  Caryl Churchill
 •  Ted Hughes
 •  Kazuo Ishiguro
 •  Philip Larkin
 •  Doris Lessing
 •  Salman Rushdie
 •  Graham Swift
 •  Fay Weldon
 •  Jeanette Winterson
 •  Will Self
 •  Zadie Smith
Contemporary (Brit. & Amer.)
Contemporary British Authors, Works, Projects   Suggest a Link
Peter Ackroyd
Brian Finney (California State U., Long Beach), "Peter Ackroyd, Postmodernist Play and Chatterton" (1992) 
Martin Amis
James Diedrick (Albion C.), "Notes from the Urban Underground: Money" (from Understanding Martin Amis, Chap. 3) 
Brian Finney (California State U., Long Beach)
"Narrative and Narrated Homicide in Martin Amis's Other People and London Fields" -1995
"What's Amis in Contemporary British Fiction? Martin Amis's Money and Time's Arrow" -1995
Alexander Laurence and Kathleen McGee, "No More Illusions: Martin Amis is Getting Old and Wants to Talk About It" (interview) (The Write Stuff)
Will Self, An Interview with Martin Amis 
Martin Amis Page (Bohemian Ink)
Martin Amis Page (Bradley Shoop and Alice O'Dea)
The Martin Amis Web (James Diedrick, Albion C.)
J.G. Ballard
General Resources
Crash Movie (Official Site) (Fine Line Features)
The Electronic Labyrinth: J.G. Ballard (The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, U. Virginia)
J.G. Ballard Page (Craig Sauer, Simon's Rock C.)
J.G. Ballard (bibliography) (Alpha Ralpha Boulevard)
www.jgballard.com (Spike Magazine - unofficial site with discussion forum and good list of links)
"No False Prophet": J.G. Ballard in Profile (The Good Book Guide) (Brief bio and partial bibliography of novels)
Lukas Barr, "Don't Crash Psychosis, Euthanasia, Apocalypse and Other Fun Ideas: An Interview with J.G. Ballard" (1995) (KGB Media, Inc.)
Evans, Gareth Interview with Ballard and Review of the Collected Short Stories (Independent Newspaper, UK)
Hoffman, Martin 45-minute Streaming Video Interview following publication of Empire of The Sun (The Roland Collection of Films and Videos on Art: A great resource with over 300 hours of streaming video available for free viewing)
Sturton, Edward Streaming Audio Interview on the "English Identity Crisis" (08/2001) (BBC Radio 4 - Today Program (see link to audio under "Search Results" on the right-hand side))
Sutcliffe, Thomas The Shopping Mall Psychopath: Interview (Independent Newspaper, UK)
Sutherland, John "Scanning the Empty Road with Binoculars":  (The Good Book Guide)
Primary Texts
Ballard, J.G. Super-Cannes - First Chapter (Guardian Unlimited)
Ballard, J.G. "What I Believe" 
Lalumiere, Claude Review of Super-Cannes (January Magazine)
McGucken, Dennis M. (Millsaps College) Review of Brigg's J.G. Ballard (Science Fiction Studies #51: Volume 17, Part 2, July 1990 (middle of page))
Moss, Stephen Review of Super-Cannes, and the trouble with fiction reviewing (Guardian Unlimited)
Index of NYT Reviews of Ballard's work (New York Times)
Ruddick, Nicholas Review of Luckhurst's The Angle Between Two Walls (Science Fiction Studies #73: Volume 24, Part 3, November, 1997)
Rugoff, Ralph Review of Super-Cannes (LA Weekly)
Wagar, W. Warren (SUNY Binghamton) Review of Stephenson's Out of the Night and Into the Dream (Science Fiction Studies #57: Volume 19, Part 2, July 1992 (scroll to middle of page)
Wolfe, Gary K. (Roosevelt University) Review of Pringle's J. G. Ballard: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography (Science Fiction Studies #35: Volume 12, Part 1, March, 1985 (middle of page))
Julian Barnes
Brian Finney (California State U., Long Beach), "Fictionalizing the Factual: Julian Barnes' A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters" (1999) 
Julian Barnes Page (Bohemian Ink)
Julian Barnes Web (Ryan Roberts, Knox C.)
Anita Brookner
Anne Marie Van Amelsvoort, U. of Winnipeg), "A Testimony of Voice" (essay on Brookner's Hotel du Lac)
Anna Ericson, "Love and Marriage in the Novels of Anita Brookner and Fay Weldon" 
A. S. Byatt
A. S. Byatt Page (George P. Landow, Brown U.)
Salon Interview 
David Calvert "The Bookfinder" (story on the Midnight Graffiti e-zine)
Angela Carter
Brian Finney (California State U., Long Beach), "Tall Tales and Brief Lives: Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus" (1998) 
Caryl Churchill
Scarlett Bowen (U. Texas, Austin), "Caryl Churchill: Post-Modern Dramatist" 
Ted Hughes
"The Song" (Bel Canto)
Ted Hughes Pages (Claas Kazzer)
"Wind" and "Thistles" (Steve Spanoudis)
Kazuo Ishiguro
Kazuo Ishiguro Page (George P. Landow)
Brian Finney (California State U., Long Beach), "Figuring the Real" Ishiguro's When We Were Orphas" (2001) 
Jane Gardam Page (George P. Landow / Postcolonial Web)
Jon Silkin Page (includes bibliography) (David Latane, Virginia Commonwealth U.)
Philip Larkin
"Days" (Gareth McCaughan)
"Home is So Sad" (Gareth McCaughan)
The Philip Larkin Society 
"This Be The Verse" 
"Toads Revisited" (Gareth McCaughan)
"Vers de Societe" 
Doris Lessing
Jason Castellucci , "The Confinement of Marriage in the Short Fiction of Doris Lessing and Edith Warton" 
Doris Lessing: A Retrospective (bio and well-organized, detailed, annotated hypertext bibliography) (Jan Hanford)
Interview from The Edmonton Journal 
Margaret O'Beirne's Page 
Penelope Lively Page (George P. Landow, Brown U.)
Salman Rushdie
Banned Books - Salman Rushdie (with a chronology of Satanic Verses and an audio track)
Brian Finney (California State U., Long Beach), "Demonizing Discourse in Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses" (1998) 
Anthony R. Guneratne, "The Virtual Spaces of Postcoloniality: Rushdie, Ondaatje, Naipaul, Bakhtin and the Others" (1997) 
M. Brent Sleeper (Carleton C.), "Satanic Verses and Last Temptations: Modern Parables of Sacredness & Profanity" 
Salon Features: Salman Rushdie (interview with pictures)
The Moor's Last Sigh (promotional site for the novel that includes excerpts, excerpts from Rushdie's previous work, a forum, a bio, and other info; requires graphical browser) (Random House, Inc.)
Salman Rushdie Page (George P. Landow, Postcolonial Web)
Salman Rushdie Page (very extensive page, with annotated bibliography and links to numerous related web resources)
Salman Rushdie Page (Bohemian Ink)
Statement by the Rushdie Defense Committee (Paul Auster and Don DeLillo)
Seamus Heaney 
Will Self
Brian Finney (California State U., Long Beach), "The Sweet Smell of Excess: Will Self, Bataille and Transgression" (1999) 
Zadie Smith
Kathleen O'Grady (Concordia U.), "White Teeth: A Conversation with Author Zadie Smith" (2002) (Atlantis: A Women's Studies Journal)
Graham Swift
George P. Landow (Brown U.),
Graham Swift Page (George P. Landow, Brown U.)
Timothy Mo Page (George P. Landow, Brown U.)
Fay Weldon
Anna Ericson, "Love and Marriage in the Novels of Anita Brookner and Fay Weldon" 
Jeanette Winterson
Jeanette Winterson Site (Anna Troberg)
The Unofficial Jeanette Winterson Page (Alexander Evans)
Brian Finney (California State U., Long Beach), "Bonded by Language: Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body" (2000) 

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