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 •  Ashton, Sir Frederick
 •  Balanchine, George
 •  Tudor, Antony
 •  Bournonville, Auguste
 •  Christensen, Lew
 •  Cunningham, Merce
 •  Fokine, Michel
 •  Fosse, Bob
 •  Duncan, Isadora
 •  Graham, Martha
 •  de Mille, Agnes
 •  Robbins, Jerome
 •  Petipa, Marius
 •  Ivanov, Lev
 •  Taylor, Paul
 •  Ailey, Alvin
 •  Wheeldon, Christopher
 •  Tharp, Twyla
 •  MacMillan, Sir Kenneth
 •  Massine, Leonide
 •  Nijinska, Bronislava
 •  St. Denis, Ruth
 •  Joffrey, Robert
 •  Grigorovitch, Yuri
 •  Limon, Jose
 •  Morris, Mark
 •  Neumeier, John
 •  Cranko, John
 •  Parsons, David
 •  Perrot, Jules
 •  Petit, Roland
 •  Saint-Leon, Arthur
 •  Smuin, Michael
 •  Stevenson, Ben
 •  Welch, Stanton
 •  Coralli, Jean
 •  Nikolais, Alwin
 •  Lubovitch, Lar
Choreographers   Suggest a Link
Ballet Alert: Choreographers (discussion forum)
Ailey, Alvin
Alvin Ailey (ABT Biography)
Elizabeth Zimmer, "The Art of Belief: The Life of Alvin"  (Great Performances: Dance in America Biography)
History of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 
Biography of Alvin Ailey (Kennedy Center Honors)
Ashton, Sir Frederick see Cinderella
Sir Frederick Ashton (ABT Biography)
Ashton Celebration (DanceView Times Special Preview)
The Ballets of Frederick Ashton: A Chronology (David Vaughan)
Clive Barnes, "Sir Fred: A Twentieth Century Original" (Tutu Revue)
Dance in America: The Dream with American Ballet Theatre (includes essays, photos, biographies, and video excerpts from the 2004 telecast of Ashton's ballet based on "A Midsummer Night's Dream")
Frederick Ashton Centenary Celebration 2004 - 2005 (discussion forum, biography, ballets, films, and links) (Ballet.co)
Miami City Ballet: Les Patineurs (Real Player excerpts of Ashton's choreography) (Kennedy Center)
Sir Frederick Ashton (portraits) (National Portrait Gallery, Britain)
Sir Frederick Ashton (biography and photographs) (Theatre Museum of London at Peopleplayuk.co)
Balanchine, George
Agon (quicktime excerpt)
George Balanchine (ABT Biography)
The George Balanchine Foundation ("the mission of [the] Foundation is to utilize the Balanchine legacy to advance the development of dance and its allied arts in the United States and throughout the world [...] through [...] concentrated research, ballet reconstructions, publications, lectures and videos, and other innovative projects")
George Balanchine: American Masters (PBS)
George Balanchine (NYCB Biography)
Choleric, The Four Temperaments (Enrichetta Cavalotti, Dutch National Ballet) (quicktime excerpt) (het-muziektheater.com)
Biography and Chronological List of Balanchine's Work (BalletMet)
George Balanchine (Danceworks)
Richard Jones, "Agon in Context" (2004) (explores in depth Balanchine's ballet to Stravinsky's music)
Biography of George Balanchine (Kennedy Center Honors)
Titania and Cavalier, Act I of A Midsummer Night's Dream (Patricia Barker, Pacific Northwest Ballet) (quicktime excerpt) (PlaybackHd.tv)
Tom Phillips, "Unblocking the Moonlight: Reflections on Serenade" (2004) (DanceView Times)
Variation from Rubies (Yumiko Takeshima, Dutch National Ballet) (quicktime excerpt) (het-muziektheater.com)
Bournonville, Auguste
3rd Bournonville Festival (presented by the Royal Danish Ballet)
Auguste Bournonville (ABT Biography)
60 Photographs from August Bournonville's ballet A Folk Tale (David Amzallag)
Bartholin International Ballet Seminar (instruction in Bournonville technique)
Bournonville.com (site dedicated to biography, style, ballets, and company of Auguste Bournonville, "a key figure to the golden age of Danish Romanticism," and once artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet)
Biography and Chronological List of Bournonville's Work (BalletMet)
Institute of Dance Research at Copenhagen University Institute of Dance Research at Copenhagen University (in Danish only)
Knud Arne Jurgensen, Bournonville Scholar (in English, Danish)
Christensen, Lew
Lew Christensen (ABT Biography)
Lew Christensen Trust 
Lew Christensen  (San Francisco Ballet Biography)
Lew Christensen, An American Dance Legend (Lew Christensen Trust Biography)
Jim Williams, "Creators: Does Lew Get His Due?" (BalletWeb)
Coralli, Jean
Jean Coralli (ABT Biography)
Jean Coralli (BalletMet)
Cranko, John
Onegin - Ballet by John Cranko - The Royal Danish Ballet (series of photographs) (David Amzallag)
Gabriella Gori, "Gioia di vivere ed endless love: Romeo e Giulietta" 
Kevin Ng, "Continuing Cranko’s Legacy - Marcia Haydee speaks" (2001) (artbook.com)
Ballet Synopses from Previous Seasons: Onegin (Royal Ballet)
John Cranko (Stuttgart Ballet Biography)
List of Works, John Cranko (Stuttgart Ballet)
Cunningham, Merce
Merce Cunningham (ABT Biography)
Merce Cunningham: American Masters (PBS)
Cunningham Dance Foundation 
Biography of Merce Cunningham (Kennedy Center Honors)
Anne Pierce, with thanks to Sang Mah, "Merce Cunningham's Living Sketchbook" 
Cynthia Joyce, "I Like to Make Steps" (1996) (the Salon.com interview with Merce Cunningham)
de Mille, Agnes
Agnes de Mille (ABT Biography)
"Remembering Agnes de Mille" (Happy Talk: news of the Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization)
Agnes de Mille (Kennedy Center Biography)
Internet Broadway Database: Agnes de Mille Credits on Broadway (The League of American Theatres and Producers)
Duncan, Isadora
Ann Daly, "Isadora Duncan and the Politics of Modern Dance" (2002) 
Samuel Dickson, "Isadora Duncan" (Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco)
Isadora Duncan Foundation for Contemporary Dance 
Isadora Duncan International Institute 
Judith Mackrell, "Dance of a goddess" (2004) (Guardian.co.uk)
Amy Standen, "Peter Kurth" (2001) ("The author of the new biography of Isadora Duncan discusses the legendary dancer whose short life was a whirlwind of art, stormy love affairs and tragedy") (Salon.com)
Fokine, Michel
Mikhail Fokine (Danceworks)
Michel Fokine (ABT Biography)
Tom Flynn, "Michel Fokine, Father of Modern Ballet" (Yonkers History)
Mikhail Fokine (biography)
Natalie Shearer, "The Making of a Love Triangle" (1996) (Stravinsky and Fokine's Petrushka) (Classical Music Quarterly)
Michel Fokine (Estelle Souche)
Fosse, Bob
Dance in America: From Broadway: "Fosse" (essays, photographs, interviews, and compendium of works)
Lawrence Devine, "Bob Fosse retrospective a sure bet for Broadway" (1998) (Detroit Free Press)
Fosse (life and works of Bob Fosse)
Internet Broadway Database: Bob Fosse Credits on Broadway (The League of American Theatres and Producers)
Bob Fosse: American Choreographer 
Graham, Martha
Henrietta Bannerman, "Dancing for laughs: Martha Graham and comedy" (2003) (Criticaldance.com)
Martha Graham (Danceworks)
Biography of Martha Graham (Kennedy Center Honors)
American Masters: Martha Graham  (PBS)
Martha Graham Centre of Contemporary Dance 
Martha Graham (Estelle Souche)
Grigorovitch, Yuri
Grigorovich Ballet of Russia (in English, French)
Spartacus' variation (Vladimir Vasiliev, Bolshoi Ballet) (real player) (Vail Video commercial site)
Ivanov, Lev
Lev Ivanovich Ivanov (Balletalert.com)
Lev Ivanov Biography (BalletMet)
Lev Ivanov, "My Recollections" (excerpts from memoirs) (Ballet in Russia)
Sergei Korobkov, "The Secret of Swan Lake's Magic" (Ballet in Russia)
Joffrey, Robert
Robert Joffrey (ABT Biography)
The Joffrey Ballet: Company History (Joffrey.com)
The Joffrey Ballet (Kennedy Center)
The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago: The Nutcracker: Arabian (Real Player video excerpt of Joffrey's choreography) (Kennedy Center)
Limon, Jose
Jose Limon (ABT Biography)
Betty Jones and Jose Limon in The Moor's Pavane (video excerpt in Quicktime, Real Video, and Windows Media Player) (Arts4all newsletter)
Jose Limon's Biography (limon.org)
Michelle Marder Kamhi, "José Limón and the Classic Tradition of Modern Dance" (2001) (What Art Is Online)
Lubovitch, Lar
Lar Lubovitch (ABT Biography)
Dance in America: Lar Lubovitch's "Othello" (includes essays, biographies, an illustrated synopsis, and performance excerpts from the 2002 telecast)
Lar Lubovitch (biography)
MacMillan, Sir Kenneth
Sir Kenneth MacMillan (ABT Biography)
Zoe Anderson, "In step with the master" (2004) ("despite the many attempts to denigrate the work of Kenneth MacMillan, the controversial choreographer is moving centre stage again") (Independent.co)
Kenneth MacMillan Internation Celebration (commencing October 2002) (Ballet.co)
Sir Kenneth MacMillan at the Royal Opera House 2002/2003 (Ballet.co)
Gabriella Gori, "Storia di amanti perduti: L'Histoire de Manon" (in Italian) (Dramaturgia.it)
Manon (synopsis, photographs, and video excerpt) (Bayerisches Staatsballett)
Nadine Meisner,  ("[Sir Kenneth MacMillan's] works remain as popular as ever [...] Lady MacMillan talks [...] about keeping her husband's artistic legacy alive")
Revealing MacMillan (conference October 2002)
American Ballet Theatre: Romeo and Juliet (Real Player excerpt of MacMillan's choreography) (Alessandra Ferri, Julio Bocca)
Balcony Scene part 1 
Balcony Scene part 2 
Balcony Scene part 4 
Massine, Leonide
Leonide Massine (ABT Biography)
Leonide Massine (DanceWorks)
Leonide Massine (Estelle Souche)
Morris, Mark
Mark Morris  (ABT Biography)
Richard Covington, "The Dancer and the Dance: Mark Morris: The Salon Interview" (1996) (Salon.com)
Mary Ellen Hunt, "Mark Morris on Lou Harrison, Léo Delibes and Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys" (2003) (Criticaldance.com)
Lara M. Johnson, "Mark Morris: Interview With the Native (Genius) Son" (1998) " (1998) (The Daily, U. Washington)
Works by Mark Morris (chronological and alphabetical)
Neumeier, John
John Neumeier (Hamburg Ballet)
The Lady of the Camellias: Ballet by John Neumeier (synopsis, premiere information, photographs) (Hamburg Ballet)
The Nutcracker: Ballet by John Neumeier (synopsis, premiere information, and video excerpt)
Nijinska, Bronislava
Bronislava Nijinska (DanceWorks)
Bronislava Nijinska (Estelle Souche)
Nikolais, Alwin
Alwin Nikolais (BalletMet Biography)
Biography of Alwin Nikolais (Kennedy Center Honors)
Parsons, David
David Parsons (ABT Biography)
Perrot, Jules
Jules Perrot (ABT Biography)
Jules Perrot (BalletMet Biography)
Prominent Istrians: Carlotta Grisi: Jules Perrot (Dick Andros and ArteHistoria on istrianet.org)
Petipa, Marius see La Bayadère
Marius Petipa (ABT Biography)
Ismene Brown, "Dancing in the footsteps of the masters" (2004) ("the Bolshoi is coming to London with a 'reconstructed' Pharaoh's Daughter. But how authentic can a ballet be?") (Telegraph.co)
Biography and Chronological List of Petipa's Work (BalletMet)
Vadim Gayevsky, "Petipa's Choreographic Style" (Ballet in Russia)
Marius Petipa (Frenchculture biography)
Petit, Roland
Roland Petit (ABT Biography)
Robbins, Jerome
Jerome Robbins Trust and Foundation (includes ballet and musical notes and chronologies, as well as biographical information)
Biography of Jerome Robbins (Kennedy Center Honors)
Jerome Robbins (NYCB Biography)
Jerome Robbins (ABT Biography)
Saint-Leon, Arthur see Coppélia
Arthur Saint-Leon (ABT Biography)
Arthur Saint-Leon Biography (BalletMet)
Smuin, Michael
Michael Smuin (ABT Biography)
St. Denis, Ruth
Ruth St. Denis (Danceworks)
Stevenson, Ben
Ben Stevenson (ABT Biography)
Ben Stevenson (Houston Ballet)
Ben Stevenson (Texas Ballet Theater)
Taylor, Paul
Paul Taylor  (ABT Biography)
Dance in America: Acts of Ardor: Two Dances by Paul Taylor (includes essays, photos, biographies, and other information on "Black Tuesday" and "Promethean Fire")
Dancemaker (Matthew Diamond's documentary on Paul Taylor, with reviews and clips)
Biography of Paul Taylor (Kennedy Center Honors)
Allan Robertson, "A Choreographer for All Seasons" (2003) (WorldWideDanceUK)
Paul Taylor: American Masters (PBS)
Tharp, Twyla
Twyla Tharp (ABT Biography)
Interview with Twyla Tharp (Academy of Achievement: A Museum of Living History)
Movin' Out (official site of the Broadway musical choreographed and directed by Tharp)
Twyla Tharp ("complete overview of Twyla Tharp's career from 1965-present & Information on her touring company and an online archive of information and photos")
Twyla Tharp (DanceWorks)
Tudor, Antony
Antony Tudor (ABT Biography)
Ismene Brown "Edinburgh 2004: the third man of British ballet comes in from the cold"  (telegraph.co.uk)
Biography of Antony Tudor (Kennedy Center Honors)
Antony Tudor (Estelle Souche)
Welch, Stanton
Stanton Welch (ABT Biography)
Stanton Welch (BalletMet Biography)
Stanton Welch (Houston Ballet)
Wheeldon, Christopher
Mindy Aloff, "Wheeldon's Blood-drenched Reels: Shambards" (2004) (Danceviewtimes.com)
Darcey Bussell in Pavane pour une Infante Defunte (Quicktime excerpts of Wheeldon's choreography) (DarceyBussell.com)
David Mead, "Christopher Wheeldon 'Re-imagining a Classic'" (2004) (interview concerning Wheeldon's new production of Swan Lake for the Pennsylvania Ballet)
Christopher Wheeldon (NYCB Biography)

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