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 •  American Ballet Theatre: Romeo and Juliet
MacMillan, Sir Kenneth   Suggest a Link
Sir Kenneth MacMillan (ABT Biography)
Zoe Anderson, "In step with the master" (2004) ("despite the many attempts to denigrate the work of Kenneth MacMillan, the controversial choreographer is moving centre stage again") (Independent.co)
Kenneth MacMillan Internation Celebration (commencing October 2002) (Ballet.co)
Sir Kenneth MacMillan at the Royal Opera House 2002/2003 (Ballet.co)
Gabriella Gori, "Storia di amanti perduti: L'Histoire de Manon" (in Italian) (Dramaturgia.it)
Manon (synopsis, photographs, and video excerpt) (Bayerisches Staatsballett)
Nadine Meisner,  ("[Sir Kenneth MacMillan's] works remain as popular as ever [...] Lady MacMillan talks [...] about keeping her husband's artistic legacy alive")
Revealing MacMillan (conference October 2002)
American Ballet Theatre: Romeo and Juliet (Real Player excerpt of MacMillan's choreography) (Alessandra Ferri, Julio Bocca)
Balcony Scene part 1 
Balcony Scene part 2 
Balcony Scene part 4 

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