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Cultural and Historical Contexts
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Medieval Heresy Chart (BibleFacts.org)
Marginality and Community in Medieval Europe ("The groups which informed our study include: Heretics, Jews, Homosexuals, Prostitutes, Lepers, and Witches.In general we discovered that the above listed groups displayed evidence of precarious positioning with regard to indications of status")(Kenyon College)
Durham Cathedral (virtual tour with text and photos)
Doctrine & Practice of the Medieval Church (bibliography)(Medieval Church.org)
Medieval Church.org Site Map (site consists primarily of bibliographies)
England Before the Reformation (a history of the Medieval Catholic Church from a modern Catholic perspective)(The Catholic Encyclopedia)
The Devotio Moderna and the Imitation of Christ 
St. Francis of Assisi ("This page contains links to URLs about St. Francis of Assisi on the Internet, and is updated regularly")( The Franciscan Archive.org)
Heretics (collaborative student project)(Kenyon College)
History of the Medieval Church (from a Catholic perspective; includes teaching materials)
Lindisfarne Gospels ("turn the pages" virtual exhibit) (British Library)
Lollard Society HomePage 
Medieval Churches and Monasteries in England 
Pre-Reformation Movements (online course; from a modern Protestant perspective)
Saint's Lives (texts, commentary, links)(ORB/Internet Medieval Sourcebook; Paul Halsall, Fordham U.)
Saints and Martyrs (NetSERF)
The Great Schism (Western Schism) (Catholic Encyclopedia)
Religion and Society in the Medieval West (course syllabus with bibliography)(Rachel Fulton, U. Chicago)

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