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Anglo-Saxon & Medieval
Cultural and Historical Contexts   Suggest a Link
General Resources
Bibliography of Late Antiquity for Students 
Religious, Political, Economic and Artistic Contexts For the York Corpus Christi Plays (Dennis G. Jerz, Seton Hill U.)
Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Medieval Europe (Anthony F. Beavers, U. Evansville)
Michelle Ziegler Early Medieval Resources ("This page is devoted to the study of the Early Medieval Britain, Ireland, and Brittany, defined here as the period from the end of Roman Britain c400 to the first Viking attack on Britain in 793 AD.")
Fifteenth-Century Life: An Annotated Bibliography (list arranged by topics) (Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies)
U. Kansas Resources for Medieval Study (arranged to let the user choose between topical or geographic rubrics)
Medieval Cultural Studies: A Basic Reading List (Martin Irvine, Georgetown U., and Michael Uebel, U. Virginia)
Internet Medieval Sourcebook (extensive medieval cultural resource site with broad and deep coverage)(Paul Halsall; Fordham U.)
The Medieval World (extensive bank of links; includes timelines, maps,texts)(HistoryTeacher.net)
Montclair Medieval Literature and History Page (links to numerous sites for primary and secondary texts) (Grover Furr, Montclair State U., NJ)
NetSerf (very large well-developed site; categories include architecture, science, women, law, music, art,etc.)(Catholic U. of America)
United Kingdom--Early History (primary documents from Antiquity through 1065)
Worlds of Late Antiquity 
Medieval Heresy Chart (BibleFacts.org)
Marginality and Community in Medieval Europe ("The groups which informed our study include: Heretics, Jews, Homosexuals, Prostitutes, Lepers, and Witches.In general we discovered that the above listed groups displayed evidence of precarious positioning with regard to indications of status")(Kenyon College)
Durham Cathedral (virtual tour with text and photos)
Doctrine & Practice of the Medieval Church (bibliography)(Medieval Church.org)
Medieval Church.org Site Map (site consists primarily of bibliographies)
England Before the Reformation (a history of the Medieval Catholic Church from a modern Catholic perspective)(The Catholic Encyclopedia)
The Devotio Moderna and the Imitation of Christ 
St. Francis of Assisi ("This page contains links to URLs about St. Francis of Assisi on the Internet, and is updated regularly")( The Franciscan Archive.org)
Heretics (collaborative student project)(Kenyon College)
History of the Medieval Church (from a Catholic perspective; includes teaching materials)
Lindisfarne Gospels ("turn the pages" virtual exhibit) (British Library)
Lollard Society HomePage 
Medieval Churches and Monasteries in England 
Pre-Reformation Movements (online course; from a modern Protestant perspective)
Saint's Lives (texts, commentary, links)(ORB/Internet Medieval Sourcebook; Paul Halsall, Fordham U.)
Saints and Martyrs (NetSERF)
The Great Schism (Western Schism) (Catholic Encyclopedia)
Religion and Society in the Medieval West (course syllabus with bibliography)(Rachel Fulton, U. Chicago)
Cultural Practices
(Michael Adams aka Morgoth) Feudal Terms of England 
The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland "searchable, digital archive of British and Irish Romanesque stone sculpture"
Courtship and Marriage
(James Marshall) Rules of Chivalry and Courtly Love 
Medieval Love (student web project includes commentary, links, texts, images and bibliography)(Piper L. Bringhurst, Westminster College)
(David Simpson) Chivalry and Courtly Love (Depaul U.)
Backgrounds to Romance: Courtly Love (Deborah Schwartz, Calif. Polytechnic U.)
(Larry D. Benson) Courtly Love and Chivalry in the Later Middle Ages  (Harvard U.)
Courtly Love Page (Harvard U.)
Marriage and Sexuality in Medieval Europe (Course syllabus for Women's Studies/Religious Studies course; includes hyperlinks to readings and sources)(Paul Hyhams,Cornell U.)
Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Information (includes bibliographies of scholarly resources) (Kirsti S. Thomas, St. Martin's C.)
The College of Arms ("the official repository of the coats of arms and pedigrees of English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Commonwealth families and their descendants," with links to newsletter and outside sources) (College of Arms, UK)
British Heraldry (historical background to numerous heraldic topics, bibliography,links to sources for British heraldry) (François R. Vede, Heraldica.org)
The Heraldry Society of Scotland (homepage for Society, with links to numerous articles on cultural and historical background)
Horses and Medieval Culture: 600-1630 (International Museum of the Horse)
Leisure and Gaming
Toria Forsyth-Moser The Medieval Countryside of Herefordshire (integrates primary sources and images to discuss forests and hunting in medieval Herefordshire)
The Altered State: England, Literature, and the Pub ("looks at how inns, taverns, alehouses and pubs have appeared in literature from Chaucer to the present day") (Steven Earnshaw, Sheffield Hallam U., UK)
Medieval and Anglo-Saxon Recipes (recipes, in modern English, from The British Museum Cookbook (Michelle Berriedale-Johnson)
Music and Poetry
Listening to Medieval Music (U. of North Florida)
Terry V. F. Brogan, Metrici and Rhythmici: A Chronological List of Ancient and Medieval Theories of Meter, with Secondary Apparatus (Versification)
Gregorian Chant Home Page 
Society for Creative Anachronism: Minstrel Homepage ("songs, filk, story-telling, and juggling, . . . mostly Western Europe from the fall of Rome until 1600")
Science and Technology
Medieval Cosmology (Frank T. McAndrew, Knox College)
The Medieval Experimental Museum (a living history center that performs historically accurate reconstructions)(Medieval Centre, Denmark)
The Astrolabe (discussion of the technology involved, including a downloadable electronic astrolabe) (James E. Morrison)
Nicholas Whyte (Queen's U. of Belfast) Astronomy and Astrology in the 12th Century 
The Medieval Bestiary (homepage linking to e-texts, articles, descriptions of bestiary manuscripts, and to a massive bibliogrpahy on medieval animals) (David Badke)
Medieval Cosmology (includes illustration of Ptolemaic geocentric model)(Luminarium)
Medieval Science and Scientific Instruments (Richard A. Paselk, Humboldt U.)
The Medieval Science Page (numerous links, arranged by topic) (James McNelis)
The Medieval Technology Pages (arranged by subject) (Paul J. Gans, New York U.)
The Planets and Their Children: A Blockbook of Medieval Popular Astrology ("a hypermedia presentation of a blockbook or "Planetenbuch", in which I have attempted to make the 15th-century experience of reading a popular astrology text accessible to a modern, nonspecialist audience") (Marianne Hansen)
Mythical Plants of the Middle Ages from the Goodcookery site, based on the writings of Ernst & Johanna Lehner and William A. Emboden)
David Chart Starry Messenger ("Phase I of the Electronic History of Astronomy developed in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science") (Sachiko Kusukawa and Liba Taub, Trinity College, Cambridge)
Historical Background
Anglo Saxon Chronicle (introduction) (Avalon Project, Yale Law School)
History of the United Kingdom:Primary Documents from Antiquity Through 1065 (EuroDocs, Brigham Young U.)
Early British Kingdoms Web Site  (covers early Celtic kingdoms from the time of the Romans to the 11th century, hosted by Britannia) (David Nash Ford)
Medieval History (extensive links and sources)(NetSERF)
Mapping Margery Kempe ("displays the parishes, images, chapels, and liturgical furnishings that form the material backdrop to The Book of Margery Kempe")(Sarah Stanbury and Virginia Raguin, College of the Holy Cross)
14th Century Outline (Michael Hanly, Washington State U.)
Richard III and Yorkist History Server (many full-text, pedagogical, and other resources that serve as a general introduction to the late medieval and Renaissance period; includes literary texts) (Richard III Society, American Branch)
Richard III Foundation, Inc. ("international non-profit, tax-exempt organization . . . specializ[ing] in the education and research of Richard III, his contemporaries and era")
Medieval English Towns (in-depth histories of certain English towns, plus extensive bibliography and links) (Stephen Alsford)
Legal and Political Contexts
Medieval Legal History (primary texts, lecture material, links, from the Medieval Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. of North Florida)
Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy ("digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government") (Avalon Project at Yale Law School)
Laws of Alfred and Ine (The Parker Chronicle and Laws Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MS. 173) (U. Virginia Labryrinth)
Magna Carta 1215 (Avalon Project, Yale Law School)
Magna Carta (index) (Avalon Project)
The Salic Law (Avalon Project, Yale Law School)
Verticals of Troy: A Study of Trojan Mythography in Medieval English Literature (especially relevant to Geoffrey of Monmouth and John Lydgate) (Michael Ullyot)

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