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 •  K.i.s.s. of the Panopticon: Cultural Theory and New Media
New Media
New Media- General   Suggest a Link
Convergence  ("the journal of research into new media technologies")
Henry Jenkins and David Thornburn (MIT) "he Digital Revolution, The Informed Citizen, and the Culture of Democracy" (2003) (pdf) (Introduction to Democracy and New Media)
Institute for New Media Studies (the University of Minnesota Institute for New Media Studies is a center for creation, innovation, and examination of content and messages and the affects of new media technologies and techniques on their forms and functions)
K.i.s.s. of the Panopticon: Cultural Theory and New Media
K.I.S.S. Homepage (plain-speaking site that gives "people a quick, user-friendly, one-stop" guide to new media literacy as well as cultural/critical theory and its relationship with communications and new media) (Doug Bicket)
Comprehensive Index (ambitious hypertext glossary of major authors and topics in cultural theory; supplies brief descriptions or intros)
Special Topics (including "nature of the self," "postcolonialism and new media," "national identity," "British press in Europe," "machine intelligence," "how to read semiotics," "screen theory,"
Lev Manovich (U. California, San Diego), The Language of New Media  (over 300 visuals associated with the book)
Lev Manovich (U. California, San Diego) "Theories of New Media" (2002) (course)
The Media Center at American Press Institute (journalism research and resources with an emphasis on new media and convergence)
New Media and Art (links to variety of sites) (Rhizome.org)
New Media Bibliography (emphasis on journalism) (Poynter Institute)
New Media Studies (companion site to Web.Studies 2004) (this site has been designed for the study of new media, with a strong emphasis on the Web, and contains articles, book, website reviews, web design guides, internet information, and more.) (David Gauntlett, U. of Leeds)
Geoffrey B. Pingree and Lisa Gitelman (Oberlin College) "What's New about New Media?" (2003) (pdf) (from New Media, 1740-1915)

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