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Classical Studies
Classics Depts., Programs & Associations   Suggest a Link
American Philological Association 
American Society of Papyrologists 
American Classical League 
Classical Associations (J. Ruebel, Iowa State U.)
Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest 
Classics Depts. & Associations (Cambridge U. Classics Dept.)
The Latin Liturgy Assoc. 
Departments & Programs
American Academy in Rome 
Cambridge U. Faculty of Classics 
Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies 
Classics Depts. & Associations (Cambridge U. Classics Dept.)
Classics Institutions or Depts. (J. Ruebel, Iowa State U.)
The Classics Undergraduate and the Transition to Graduate School (R. Scott Garner; text file)
Earlham C., Indiana, Classical Studies Program 
Kentucky Classics (U. Kentucky, Lexington, Classics Dept.) 
The Roman Italy Project (joint program in history and archaeology of Roman Italy run by the Universities of Newcastle and Manchester)
Saint Louis U. Latin, Greek, and Classical Humanities Dept. 
St. Andrews University: School of Greek, Latin, and Ancient History (UK)
Tufts U. Classics Dept. (Ellen Brundige)
U. Buffalo Classics Dept. 
UC Berkeley Classics Dept. 
UCLA Classics Dept. 
UC Santa Barbara Classics Dept. 
U. Dublin, Trinity C. School of Classics 
U. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Classics Dept. 
U. Reading Classics Dept. 
U.S. Undergraduate Programs in Classics (American Classical League)
U. Zurich Classics Dept. 
Victoria U. of Wellington, New Zealand, Classics Dept. 

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