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General Resources
Chronology for Felicia Hemans and Circle (Nanora Sweet, U. Missouri, St. Louis)
Felicia Hemans Page (bio, many links to poems, and bibliography) (Mary Mark Ockerbloom, A Celebration of Women Writers)
19th-Century Commentary
"Felicia Hemans," from The Female Poets of Great Britain by Frederic Rowton, 1853 (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Prefatory Notice" by W. M. Rossetti, in The Poetical Works of Mrs. Hemans (18__) (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
NASSR-L Discussion Thread on Felicia Hemans, Aesthetics, Sentiment, and the Canon (July 1997) (Romantic Circles)
Nanora Sweet (U. Missouri, St. Louis), "Hemans, Heber, and Superstition and Revelation" (1998) (Romantic Circles)
Portrait of Felicia Hemans (U. Texas, Austin)
Poetry (Selected)
"Arabella Stuart" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Better Land" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Casabianca" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Costanza" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Corinne at the Capitol" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"England and Spain; or, Valour and Patriotism" (British Women Romantic Poets)
"Evening Prayer at a Girl's School" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"A Farewell to Abbotsford" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Funeral Day of Sir Walter Scott" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Grave of a Poetess" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Homes of England" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Homes of England" (Bret Benjamin, U. Texas, Austin)
"Hymn by the Sick-Bed of a Mother" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Joan of Arc in Rheims" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Kindred Hearts" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Last Song of Sappho" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Lines Written in the Memoirs of Elizabeth Smith" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Memorial Pillar" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Mozart's Requiem" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Mozart's Requiem" 
"Properzia Rossi" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy" (1816) (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"The Rock of Cader Idris" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
Several Poems by Felicia Hemans (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
"Stanzas on the Late National Calamity, the Death of the Princess Charlotte" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Stanzas to the Memory of George the Third" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Thoughts During Sickness: I. Intellectual Powers" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"To the Eye" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"To the New-Born" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"To Wordsworth" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
"Woman on the Field of Battle" (Mary Mark Ockerbloom)
Poetry (Volumes)
The Domestic Affections and Other Poems (British Women Romantic Poets)
Poems (1808) (British Women Romantic Poets)
Poems from Records of Woman (1828) (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)

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