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General & Multiple Language Resources
The Alternative Dictionaries ("slang, swear words and other `bad language'" in multiple languages) (Hans-Christian Holm)
ECHO--Eurodicautom (online dictionary of "official and technical" vocabulary that translates between the major European languages) (Felix Gaehtgens and Jens Kurlanda)
List of Dictionaries (extensive collection of online dictionaries and related reference resources; especially good for bilingual dictionaries) (Jürgen Péus)
Logos Dictionary (multilingual dictionary created by professional translators; keyword search returns a usage-example in context from the Wordtheque multilingual text database plus tables of translations into many other languages; includes audio resources and related links) (Logos Group)
Acronym & Abbreviation Dictionaries
The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server (Peter Flynn)
Chinese Character Genealogy (Zhongwen Zipu): An Etymological Chinese-English Dictionary (Rick Harbaugh, U. Pittsburgh)
Chinese-English Dictionary 
Dictionnaire Francais-Anglais 
English-French Dictionary 
French-English dictionary 
HyperSurfing English-French Dictionary (a unique thinking tool consisting of a forms-based word-association engine that acts a bilingual thesaurus; feed it a word or phrase in one language and it returns a list of associated words in the other language; the result page contains in turn a
Gaelic Dictionaries Online (John T. McCranie)
Gaelic - English Dictionary 
MacFarlane's Gaelic-English Dictionary (U. S. site)
Hungarian-English and English-Hungarian dictionary 
English-to-Italian Dictionary (Tyler Jones)
Italian-to-English Dictionary (Tyler Jones)
Jeffrey's Japanese / English Dictionary Gateway (Jeffrey Friedl)
The Electronic Thesaurus Linguae Latinae ("the only dictionary to attempt to comprehend the entire Latin language. Its chronological termini reach from the third century B.C. to A.D. 600, including both literary texts and documentary evidence [inscriptions, etc.]") (Consortium fo
Latin Dictionaries (bibliography of works in the Stanford U. Green Library; no links to online dictionaries) (John Rawlings, Stanford U.)
Medieval Latin Dictionary (Hans Christophersen)
English-Norwegian Dictionary (freedict.com)
Interactive English-Russian Dictionary 
Russian Dictionary With Sounds and Images ("pictures of animals and foods paired with Cyrillic text and recordings of a native speaker pronouncing the words"; requires Netscape 2.0 and
Slang Dictionaries
Larry's Aussie Slang and Phrase Dictionary 
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang (guide to vocabulary of classic "hardboiled" detection fiction) (William Denton)
Skolverket's Swedish-English dictionary 

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