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 •  Theodor Adorno
 •  Max Horkheimer
 •  Herbert Marcuse
 •  Walter Benjamin
 •  Frankfurt School- General
Marxist, Communist, Frankfurt School, & Later-Marxist Critique
Media Theory and Theorists
Frankfurt School   Suggest a Link
Frankfurt School- General
Douglas Kellner (UCLA) "The Frankfurt School and British Cultural Studies: The Missed Articulation" ( Illuminations )
"The Frankfurt School" (www.wikipedia.org)
Theodor Adorno
Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception" (www.marxists.org)
Adorno Page (David Gauntlett, U. Leeds)
Adorno Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy; Scott H. Moore)
Theodor Adorno Biography (Petri Liukkonen)
Theodor Adorno (biography and selected links) (wikipedia.org)
Theodor Adorno Resources and Texts (popcultures.com)
Walter Benjamin
General Resources on Walter Benjamin
Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate ("This site maintains a collection of resource information on some of Benjamin's writings, as well as current essays about Benjamin, his work, and the work of some of his close contemporaries. Our focus has been on those writings and projects too-often excluded from academic Benjamin scholarship.")
Benjamin Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy)
"On the Concept of History" (or "Theses on the Philosophy of History") (Lloyd Spencer, Trinity and All Saints C., UK)
"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" 
"The Writer's Technique in Thirteen Theses" (excerpts from Walter Benjamin's One-Way Street) (Rita Raley, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Secondary Literature
Carina Yervasi "Pre/Sub/Urban Sprawl: The 19th Century Parisian Passage as 'Failed' Urban Mall" (Speed) 
Max Horkheimer
Horkheimer Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy)
Herbert Marcuse
Herbert Marcuse One Dimensional Man (1964) (www.marxists.org)
Herbert Marcuse Eros and Civilization (1966)  (www.marxists.org)
Douglas Kellner (UCLA) "Herbert Marcuse" (Illuminations)
Marcuse Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy)

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