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Marxist, Communist, Frankfurt School, & Later-Marxist Critique   Suggest a Link
(Note: Marxist Or Marx-Influenced Theorists Who Have Also Had A More Broadly Or Less-Strictly Marxist Cultural-Critical Reception Are Included Above Under Cultural-Studies
General Resources
Cultural Logic: An Electronic Journal of Marxist Theory & Practice 
Sean Homer (Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, U. Sheffield), "A Short History of the Marxist Literary Group" 
Marxism (SWIRL)
Marxism List: Archives (U. Virginia)
Marxism and Ideology (lecture notes created for a course) (Mary Klages, U. Colorado, Boulder)
Marxist Sites on the Web (SheBeen)
Marxists.org Internet Archive
Homepage of Marxists.org Internet Archive 
Encyclopedia of Marxism (Marxists.org Internet Archive)
History Archive (Marxists.org Internet Archive)
Marxist Writers Archive (Marxist.org Internet Archive)
Reference Archive (Marxists.org Internet Archive)
Subject Archive (Marxists.org Internet Archive)
T. V. Reed, "Neo-Marxisms and Cultural Materialisms" (bibliographic essay with links to online resources)
Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture and Society (tables of contents & links)
Marx & Engels
Friedrich Engels
"The Condition of England" (Review of Thomas Carlyle's Past and Present) (Marx/Engels Archive)
The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (Marx/Engels Archive)
Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy (Marx/Engels Archive)
Synopsis of Capital, vol. 1 (Marx/Engels Archive)
Marx, Karl
Capital (vol. 1) (Marx/Engels Archive)
Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (Marx/Engels Archive)
Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 (Marx/Engels Archive)
The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte (Marx/Engels Archive)
Grundrisse der Kritick der Politischen Ökonomie (Marx/Engels Archive)
Karl Marx (Tom Stone, EpistemeLinks.com)
Letters to Arnold Ruge (Marx/Engels Archive)
On the Jewish Question (Marx/Engels Archive)
Theses on Feuerbach (Marx/Engels Archive)
Wage-Labor and Capital (Marx/Engels Archive)
Marx and Engels Writings 
Marx & Engels
The Communist Manifesto (study guide) (Paul Brians, Washington State U.)
Marxism Page (Rick Kuhn, Australian National U.)
Other Socialist/Communist Authors
Josef Stalin Online Archive (Marx/Engels Archive)
Leon Trotsky Online Archive (Marx/Engels Archive)
Anatoly Vasilievich Lunacharsky, Revolutionary Silhouettes (1923) (Marx/Engels Archive)
Mao Tse-Tung Online Archive (Marx/Engels Archive)
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Online Archive (Marxists.org Internet Archive)
Frankfurt School
Frankfurt School- General
Douglas Kellner (UCLA) "The Frankfurt School and British Cultural Studies: The Missed Articulation" ( Illuminations )
"The Frankfurt School" (www.wikipedia.org)
Theodor Adorno
Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception" (www.marxists.org)
Adorno Page (David Gauntlett, U. Leeds)
Adorno Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy; Scott H. Moore)
Theodor Adorno Biography (Petri Liukkonen)
Theodor Adorno (biography and selected links) (wikipedia.org)
Theodor Adorno Resources and Texts (popcultures.com)
Walter Benjamin
General Resources on Walter Benjamin
Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate ("This site maintains a collection of resource information on some of Benjamin's writings, as well as current essays about Benjamin, his work, and the work of some of his close contemporaries. Our focus has been on those writings and projects too-often excluded from academic Benjamin scholarship.")
Benjamin Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy)
"On the Concept of History" (or "Theses on the Philosophy of History") (Lloyd Spencer, Trinity and All Saints C., UK)
"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" 
"The Writer's Technique in Thirteen Theses" (excerpts from Walter Benjamin's One-Way Street) (Rita Raley, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Secondary Literature
Carina Yervasi "Pre/Sub/Urban Sprawl: The 19th Century Parisian Passage as 'Failed' Urban Mall" (Speed) 
Max Horkheimer
Horkheimer Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy)
Herbert Marcuse
Herbert Marcuse One Dimensional Man (1964) (www.marxists.org)
Herbert Marcuse Eros and Civilization (1966)  (www.marxists.org)
Douglas Kellner (UCLA) "Herbert Marcuse" (Illuminations)
Marcuse Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy)
Later-Marxist Critique
General Resources on Later-Marxism
T. V. Reed, "Neo-Marxisms and Cultural Materialisms" (bibliographic essay with links to online resources)
Louis Althusser
Synopsis of "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses" (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)
Alvin Gouldner
The Future of Intellectuals and the Rise of the New Class (synopsis) (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)
"The Norm of Reciprocity: A Preliminary Statement" (1960) (Larry R. Ridener, Radford U.)
Jürgen Habermas [Show]
C.L.R. James
C.L.R. James Page (Andy Blunden)
Paul Le Blanc, "Challenges of a Black Revolutionary: The Marxism of C. L. R. James" 
Notes On Dialectics (Excerpts) (Andy Blunden):
Appearance and Actuality 
The Doctrine of Being 
The Doctrine of Essence 
The Doctrine of the Notion 
Leninism and the Notion 
Review and Leninist Interlude 
"The Property" (excerpt from Black Jacobins (
Frederic Jameson
Frederic Jameson (bibliography) (UC Irvine Critical Theory Resource/Eddie Yeghiayan, U. Calif. Irvine)
Frederic Jameson Page (Campus Community, Southern Oregon U.)
Sean Homer (Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, U. Sheffield), "Fredric Jameson and the Limits of Postmodern Theory" 
Jameson on the Bonaventure Hotel 
Synopsis of Fredric Jameson's  (one of a number of summaries created by graduate students for the preliminary exam in the University of Chicago's Sociology Dept.) (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)
"Theory in the Lobby of the Bonaventure Hotel: The Case of Fredric Jameson" (Re:WIRED; Workshop for the Invention and Research of Electronic Discourse, U. of Florida)
Georg Lukacs
Georg Lukacs Archive (Marxists.org)
"Marxist Approaches to Mass Media" (Daniel Chandler)
Immanuel Wallerstein
The Modern World-System: Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the European World-Economy in the Sixteenth Century (excerpt) (Larry R. Ridener, Radford U.)
Synopsis of "The Rise and Future Demise of the Capitalist World System: Concepts for Comparative Analysis" (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)
World-Systems Archive (U. Colorado, Boulder)
Eric Olin Wright
Synopsis of "Class Boundaries and Contradictory Class Locations" (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)

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