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Art History
Asia   Suggest a Link
General Resources for Asian Art
Art History Resources on the web: Asian Art comprehensive site with info on Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese art among others (Chris Witcombe, Sweet Briar College, Virginia, USA)
Asian Art Appreciation excellent site on Chinese, Vietnamese, Japenese, Indonesian, Thai among others. links to asian art museums websites around the world (asia-art.net)
Asian Art  (newspapaer for "monthly information source for the world of Asian art. coverage spans the entire Asian art world from East Asia, Southeast Asia to Himalayan and South Asian arts)." (M-Dixon.com)
Articles on Asian Art (on-line journal on Asian art. "Articles by leading scholars and experts." (Asianart.com)
Taosim and Chinese Art (essays on Origins of Taoism, Taoist Cosmology Sacred Mountains and Cults of the Immortals) (The Art Institute of Chicago)
Taoism and the Arts of China (info on Taoists artists, Gods of Taoists, Taoist Landscapes) (Victor M. Cassidy) (artnet)
Overview of Literati Painting (Bunjinga) ("Paintings produced by intellectuals as a hobby, originated in China in the 11th century, adapted by Japanese artists beginning in the 18th century) (Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts)
Introduction to Chinese Art and Aesthetics (essay covering various aspects of Chinese aesthetics. includes notions of "Order and Chaos - Intention and Chance". (Dusan Pajin) (Arts University, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)
Historical Wonders of Sanxingdui   (essays on Sanxingdui remains." two large sacrificial pits from the Shang Dynasty were discovered; thousands of natural treasures were unearthed") (China Internet Information Center)
Art of China (general article on Chinese art) (Cynthia) (Briases Home)
General Resources for Indian Art
Art Forms of India (brief articles on painting sculpture, temple architecture- includes dance, theatre, cinema)(indiansaga.info)
Indian Sculpture (brief description of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures)(AsianInfo.org)
Timeline of Indian Art  (Kamat's Potpourri)
Art of India  (related links to various aspects of Indian art)
Indus Valley Civilization
The Ancient Indus Valley Civilization  (essay on Indus Valley civilization, includes bibliography)(Michael Smith)
 (comprehensive site on Indus valley civilization with great images and latest info on the excavations and controversies(real audio version available)(Harappa 1995-2001)
The Indus Script (a detailed analysis of Indus script- 20 page interview with the historian, Iravatham Mahadevan) (Harappa 1998)
Indus Valley sculptures (brief essay)(indiansaga.info)
Bibiliography of Books on Indian Art
Books on Art History (comprehensive annotated catalogue of books on Indian art) (vedamsbooks.com)
Bibliography of Indian Art (brief list of books on Indian art with one line description for each book) (Michael D. Gunther) (www.art-and-archaeology.com)
DSAL: Digital South Asia Library (provides digital materials for reference and research on South Asia) (dsal.uchicago.edu)
The Shiva Gallery (brief list of books on paintings, sculptures and iconography of Hindu god Shiva) (Melody N., Caitlin O., Kelly P.)
Bharut and Sanchi
Buddhist Art in India (brief info on bharut and sanchi and early phases of Indian art)(Radha Bannerjee) (IGNCA)
Bharut Stupa Railings (images of Bharut, also has basic info on indian architecture: Buddhist, Jain, Hindu and Islamic) (stolaf.edu)
Mathura and Gandhara Art
Greco-Buddhist Art (Gandharan art works with text)(Wikipedia.org)
Yagihashi Tsukasa (Tohoku university of art and design in Japan) Investigation of Early Mathura Buddhism Sculpture  (explains Yagihashi's theory of "The Shape of Flower" in Mathura Buddhist scupltures)
P.C. Jain (exoticindia.com) Evolution of the Buddha Image (interesting article on the origin of the image of Buddha)
Art Education- Gandhara (images and text from Gandhara)(Arts Indian Atelier)
Art of the Gupta Period
The Age of Guptas and After  (brief history of the Gupta Period. Has links to Vedic, Aryan and Mauryan age and a glossary of Indian terms and concepts) (Richard Hooker)
Gupta Dynasty, Golden Age of Guptas (short essay on the Gupta period with emphasis on the Gupta coins)(Nupam Mahajan)(unc.edu)
Islamic Art
Rajasthani Miniature Paintings
Mughal Art
The Synthesis of European and Mughal Art in the Emperor Akbar’s Khamsa of Nizami (explores the relationship between European and Mughal art) (Gregory Minissale)
Shah Jahan
Mughal Miniature Paintings
Mughal School of Art (Nitin Kumar) (exoticindia.com)
Miniature Painting under Shash Jahan (indiancanvas.com)
Mughal Architecture
Taj Mahal [Show]
Mughal Gardens
Mughal History
General Resources
Mughal Art and Architecture  (overview of Mughal art under Humayun, Akbar, Shah Jahan and decline under Aurangzeb) (Columbia University Press)
Birds and Animals in Indian Art - The Mughal Artist as a Naturalist ( explores the memoirs Of Jahangir, commonly known as Tuzuk-I-Jahangiri)( Nitin Kumar) (exoticindia.com)
The Legacy of Islamic Empires and their Arts (comprehensive info on the rise and fall of Mughal empire and art)(Khalid Mubireek) (Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization)
The Rise and Fall of the Mughals  (South Asian History) (Shishir Thadani)
Company Paintings
Company Paintings  (info on vaious aspects of Comapny Paintings that "were created by Indian artists employed by members of the British East India Company") (Sarah Paul)
Company School Painting in South India   (essay on Company paintings with images) (Shankar Natarajan)
Innovative Mica Paintings of 19th Century India  (Pran Nevile)
Modern and Contemproray art of India
M.F. Hussain
Saraswati painting controversy [Show]
Films by Hussain [Show]
M.F. Hussian (profile and paintings of the artits, includes info on Progressive Artists' Group) (Sourendu Gupta)
M.F. Husain  (artist's profile) (indianest.com)
Indian Modern Art (essays on company paintings, Bengal School and the Progressive Group) (Arts Indian Atelier)
Mauryan Period
Mauryan Empire (brief history of Mauryas)(metmuseum.org)
The Mauryan Empire (links to Buddhism, Asoka and Mauryan sculpture) (Kamat's Potpourri)
The Life Of Ashoka Mauryan (brief info on the life, history and legacy of Ashoka)(Kevin, California State University, Chico)
The Kingdom of Magadh (info on Ashokan edicts, also has links to Gupta period)(The Asylum of Sarabhanga)
Vedic Period
David Frawley (http://www.vedanet.com/) The Myth of the Aryan Invasion (critical essay that questions the belief "the Vedic culture was that of primitive nomads from Central Asia") (Akhand Bharat)
Art of Japan (basic info on Japanese art) (Brisas Museum of art history)
Japanese Painting (history of Japanese painting and info on different schools like Kano, Tosa-ha, nanga, shijo painting) (artelino GmbH)
Japanese Art and Architecture  ("works of art produced in Japan from the 10th millennium BC, to the present") (Nicolas Pioch) (web museum, Paris)
Identifying Buddhist Images in Japanese Painting and Sculpture (excellent essay on Buddhist imagery, includes info on Japanese mandalas like Taizokai Mandara) (Douglas P. Sjoquist)(Education About Asia, Volume 4, No.3, Winter 1999)
Japanese Art (info on Japanese ceramics, laquer, painting, sculpture, prints) (LACMA)
The Art of Sumi-e (philosophy, technique of Japanese ink painting, Sumi-e) (Silver Dragon Studio)
Japanesed Ritual Architecture ("An Overview of Japanese Ritural Architecture from the Kofun to Momoyama Periods")(Kyle Gorden)
Korean Painting: Prehistory to the late 19th Century (asia-art.net)
Korean Arts (basic info on history and types of Korean painting. Inlcudes info on Tal-nori, Korean mask performance) (korean-arts.com)
Soyoung Lee (AskAsia.org) Influences of Belief on Korean Art  ("Overview of Landscape Painting in Korea". Also has links to other articles on Buddhism, Confucianism and others)
Korean Buddhist Temples (history and info on main Buddhist temples of Korea- also has articles on Korean Buddhism)(buddhapia.com)
Korean Architecture (an overview of Korean architecture from pre- historic to contemporary times)(AsianInfo.org)
An Introduction to Himalayan Art ("a comprehensive research database, a virtual museum, of Himalayan and Tibetan art". Links to history, symbolism, iconography and philosophy of Tibetan art. Articles on tantric art, mandala paintings and Buddhist thangkas paintings.(Himalayan Art Website, Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation)
Mystical Arts of Tibet (info on Tibetian mandala sand paintings and sacred music and dance of Tibet) (Richard Gere Productions & Drepung Loseling Institute)
Early Tibetan Mandalas: The Rossi Collection (text of catalogue written by Jane Casey Singer.Essays on the concept and structure of the mandala)(Rossi and Rossi, London)
Buddhist Art and Ritual from Nepal and Tibet  ("conveys the way art functions in a traditional Tantric Buddhist altar") (Barbara Matilsky Curator, Ackland Art Museum)
News, History and Buddhism (a comprehensive site on Tibet including links to art, history and philosophy of Buddhism)(reversespins.com)

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