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General Political Resources
Anarchy Archive (Dana Ward, Pitzer C., Claremont Colleges)
Homepage of Anarchy Archives 
Selected Author Pages of the Anarchy Archive:
Emma Goldman 
Errico Malatesta 
Max Stirner 
Michael Bakunin 
Murray Bookchin 
Noam Chomsky 
Peter Kropotkin 
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon 
William Godwin 
Tom Bridges (Montclair State U.), Philosophy and Civil Society (topically-organized brief essays "devoted to the philosophical examination of the nature of civil society and civic culture in general. . . . addresses the contemporary crisis of liberal democratic civic culture in the postmodern peri
CNN/Time AllPolitics 
Government & Politics On The Net Project (3-year research project "aimed at developing a model of the effects of the Net on Political participation . . . involves gathering survey data from people using governmental and political Web sites and government-oriented e-mail systems") (Bruc
Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry (Michael Dartnell, Concordia U.)
Political Advertising Articles and Resources (Communication Studies, U. Iowa)
Political Resources on the Net ("sorted by country, with links to parties, organizations, governments") (Agorà Telematia)
Political Science: A Net Station (Walter C. Koern Library, U. British Columbia)
RAND Home Page
Featured Titles 
Issue Papers 
RAND Books 
Search RAND Abstracts 
Subject Bibliographies 
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Political Science (U. Waterloo)
The Seventh Seal (European-based site "dedicated to politics of all kinds, everything from nazism to libertarianism . . . Since many of the sites I've linked are run by various extreme political organisations, I recommend those of you who are intolerant and bigoted t
Political Theory & Philosophy
Marxist, Communist, Frankfurt School, & Later-Marxist Critique (Note: Marxist Or Marx-Influenced Theorists Who Have Also Had A More Broadly Or Less-Strictly Marxist Cultural-Critical Reception Are Included Above Under Cultural-Studies
General Resources
Cultural Logic: An Electronic Journal of Marxist Theory & Practice 
Sean Homer (Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, U. Sheffield), "A Short History of the Marxist Literary Group" 
Marxism (SWIRL)
Marxism List: Archives (U. Virginia)
Marxism and Ideology (lecture notes created for a course) (Mary Klages, U. Colorado, Boulder)
Marxist Sites on the Web (SheBeen)
Marxists.org Internet Archive [Show]
T. V. Reed, "Neo-Marxisms and Cultural Materialisms" (bibliographic essay with links to online resources)
Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture and Society (tables of contents & links)
Marx & Engels [Show]
Other Socialist/Communist Authors [Show]
Frankfurt School
Frankfurt School- General [Show]
Theodor Adorno [Show]
Walter Benjamin [Show]
Max Horkheimer [Show]
Herbert Marcuse [Show]
Later-Marxist Critique
General Resources on Later-Marxism [Show]
Louis Althusser [Show]
Alvin Gouldner [Show]
Jürgen Habermas [Show]
C.L.R. James [Show]
Frederic Jameson [Show]
Georg Lukacs [Show]
"Marxist Approaches to Mass Media" (Daniel Chandler)
Immanuel Wallerstein [Show]
World-Systems Archive (U. Colorado, Boulder)
Eric Olin Wright [Show]
Aristotle, Politics (Internet Classics Archive)
Benedict Anderson (on Cultural Studies page) 
Hanah Arendt Page (Chris Marvin & Frank Sikernitsky, Trinity C.)
Karl Marx (see Marxist Critique on Cultural Studies page)
John Locke, Second Treatise of Government  (Dave Gowan)
Niccolo Machiavelli [Show]
Political Theory and Political Philosophy (James Bolner, Sr.)
Thomas Hobbes (on Philosophy page) 
World History of Democracy (drafts from Steve Muhlberger and Phil Paine's book-in-progress on the topic; also gathers links to relevant online resources) (Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing U., Canada)
General International Politics
Maastricht Treaty -- Establishment of the European Union 
Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon 
Mosaique - Elections Presidentielles Francaises 1995 
The British Politics Pages 
Dr. Dave's U. K. Pages: Government & Politics (D. L. Gates)
Irish Politics: The Joint Framework Document 
UK Government Server 
U.S. Politics
General U.S. Politics Resources
American Political Internet Resources (text file)
Daniel Bell, The End of Ideology (Chap. 13 on "The Mood of Three Generations" and excerpt from the Conclusion) (Al Fireis, U. Penn)
Bruce Bimber (U. California, Santa Barbara), "The Internet and Political Transformation" (1996) 
Charlotte's WWWeb (Government Reform Resources) 
The Coin-Operated Congress (Mother Jones magazine's list of political action committee contributors to nearly 4,000 candidates for U.S. federal offices in the 1992 and 1994 elections)
The Council for Excellence in Government 
Dean's Voting Guide (non-partisan info and links covering U. S. politics) (Dean D. Paxton)
Gallup Poll 
Grand Old Page Directory of Political Sites (Berkeley Internet Connections)
Law and Politics Internet Guide (Randy Roberts)
Left, Right & Center ("one-stop site for diverse political commentary, humor, and news"; "designed in the spirit of bipartisanship") (Dave Varadian)
US Constitution (Legal Information Institute, Cornell U.)
The MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposés and Politics (online version of the Mother Jones magazine)
New Politics ("the non-partisan U.S. Political Participation Resource") (Lee Philip Stral)
Political Action Resources (Kim Software)
Political Resources, Inc.: The Political Superstore ("tools for [U.S.] candidate / corporate / issue campaigns"; includes links to political info and resources)
POLITICS (Politics listserv converted to hypertext)
Politics1 ("comprehensive links to Presidential, Gubernatorial, US Senate & Congressional candidates and political parties across the spectrum") (Ron Gunzburger)
TORE: Text Optimum Retrieval Engine/Federal Register (sophisticated search interface for the Federal Register; fuzzy, proximity, and other searches)
Vote Smart Web ("national non-profit, non-partisan voter information organization")
Federal Government
CapWeb: A Guide to the U.S. Congress (addresses, phones, e-mail addresses, etc.)
C-SPAN Networks 
English Server Government, Law and Society List 
Federal Web Locator (gigantic archive of federal government sites and info) (Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy)
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet (Library of Congress)
U.S. Government Hypertexts 
Census Bureau 
CIA Server 
Commerce Dept. 
Defense Dept.
Air Force 
DefenseLINK: Dept. of Defense Server 
Education Dept. 
Energy Dept. 
Environmental Protection Agency 
Government Printing Office (access to Federal Register, Congressional Record, Congressional Bills)
House of Representatives Gopher 
Interior Dept. 
National Institutes of Health 
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) 
Peace Corps 
White House Home Page 
State Governments
California Ballot Propositions 
California State Page 
California Election Info 
Santa Barbara County Democratic Party 
Santa Barbara Democrats 
Political Parties
Communist Party U.S.A. 
Democratic National Committee 
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Home Page 
Information Headquarters for the Republican Primary 
Political Movements, Groups, Organizations, Associations
American Student Political Network Index of Student Activist & Political Groups 
Asian Pacific American Politics (resources and directory of scholars in the field) (Race and Ethnicity Online)
The Conservative Link Home Page 
Democratic Socialists of America
Left Links 
Left-Wing Lingo, Ideologies and History (J. Hughes)
The Socialist International (organization)
free-market.com: A Starting Point for Liberty on the Internet (libertarian site) (Chris Whitten)
IWW - Hoosier Slim's Wobbly Homepage (Mitch)
The Left Side of the Web (Brian Wright)
National Committee for Public Education and Religious Liberty (PEARL) 
Republican Contract with America 
World Wide Libertarian Pages 
Political History & Documents
Bill of Rights 
Clamen's Political Archives (political texts & documents)
Constitution for the United States 
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States. 1989. 
Scholarly Studies & Projects
George Lakoff (UC Berkeley), "Metaphor in Politics" (metaphor and the Gulf War)
Tim Rohrer (U. Oregon), "The Metaphorical Logic of (Political) Rape: George Bush and the New Wor(l)d Order" 
Political Commentary
Robert Paul Reyes, My Turn (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Cyber-Column)
Art, Satire, Spoofs, Symbolic Acts
Heather Has Two Mommies (political spoof in the form of a children's book; includes links on the topic of political correctness) (MIT Center for Political Correctness)
Robert Nideffer (U. California, Santa Barbara), "Bodies, No-Bodies, and Anti-Bodies at War: Operation Desert Storm and the Politics of the 'Real' " (dissertation on the representation of the Gulf War; "The following chapters touch down in many different places in order to explore how the development, use, control and interpretation of various technological devices served to help code the war in
Political Babble Generator (Webcorp) (generates on-the-fly speeches in the style of Bill Clinton or Newt Gingrich)
Virtual Flag Burning (poll)
Politics Of The Net
John Arquilla & David Ronfeldt (RAND Foundation), "Cyberocracy, Cyberspace, and Cyberology: Political Effects of the Information Revolution" 
Paulina Borsook, "Cyberselfish" (1996) ("Although the technologists I encountered [in Silicon Valley] were the liberals on social issues I would have expected (pro-choice, as far as abortion; pro-diversity, as far as domestic partner benefits; inclined to sanction the occasional use of recreat
Henry Jenkins and David Thornburn (MIT) "he Digital Revolution, The Informed Citizen, and the Culture of Democracy" (2003) (pdf) (Introduction to Democracy and New Media)
Digital Divide
Wenhong Cheng and Barry Wellman (U. Toronto) "Charting Digital Divides: Comparing Socioeconomic, Gender, Life Stage, and Rural-Urban Internet Access and Use in Five Countries" (2003) (pdf)
Digital Divide (links to articles) (Martin Ryder, U. Colorado, Denver)
Digital Divide Basics (articles and links to resources) (Digital Divide Network)
Digital Divide (a set of links devoted to many different facets of this issue) (Yahoo)
Paul DiMaggio, Eszter Hargittai, et al. (Princeton U.) "Digital Inequality: From Unequal Access to Differentiated Use " 
"Falling Through the Net" (series of reports from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
Ezster Hargittai (Northwestern U.) "Second Level Digital Divide: Differences in People's Online Skills" ( First Monday )
Hot Topics- Digital Divide (ELab; Vanderbilt U.)
Denis Gaynor (Georgetown U.), "Democracy in the Age of Information: A Reconception of the Public Sphere" (1996) 
Government & Politics on the Net Project (U. California, Santa Barbara)
Homepage (NSF-funded three-year study of political uses of the Net; "the research is aimed at understanding whether the technologies of the Net may alter patterns of political participation and engagement in public affairs by citizens in the U.S.") (Bruc
Data on Growth of the Internet, with historical comparisons to television, radio, and telephones 
"The Internet and Political Transformation: Populism, Community, and Accelerated Pluralism 
Internet Demographics 
Anthony Judge, "The Challenge of Cyber-Parliaments and Statutory Virtual Assemblies" (1998) 
Jon Katz
"Birth of a Digital Nation" (1997) 
"The Digital Citizen" (1997) (""The First in-depth poll finds Digital Citizens are optimistic, tolerant, civic-minded, and radically committed to change") (Wired)
Netfuture: Technology and Human Responsibility (weekly newsletter that submits the net to ethical, social, political critique) (Steve Talbott)
The Network Observer ("on-line newsletter about networks and democracy") (Phil Agre, U. Calif., San Diego)
Declan McCullagh Politech ("the oldest Internet resource devoted to politics and technology. Launched in 1994, the Politech mailing list has chronicled the growing intersection of law, culture, technology, and politics. Since 2000, so has the Politech web site")
Andrea Whittam Smith, "An Oxford Debate on the Nation State and the Net" (1997) (argues that the Internet does not undermine the nation state) (London Independent / New York Times Syndicate)
Paul Treanor
"Internet as Hyper-Liberalism" ("The political ethic, and structure, of the Internet are liberal. In fact, it clarifies the defects of liberalism: it can and should be ended")
MII-DEM List Archives (archives of articles and discussions on the contested relation between communication technology and democracy)
"Pro-Net Fallacies" ("a few of the fallacies that circulate in political texts about the Net")
Langdon Winner (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), "Cyberlibertarian Myths and the Prospects for Community" (1997) ("critique of the banal fantasies that pass as 'vision' among of many of those who speculate about cyberspace and politics in our time")
"Working Document on the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme" (1997) (Adobe Acrobat version of a set of initiatives to promote European Union information society in a socially responsible way)
Council of Europe Council of Europe Portal (official site of the Council of Europe; in numerous languages)
European Union Europa - The European Union online (official server of the European Union; in numerous languages)
Politics and Government Journals & Zines
Beaconway Press and
Detours and Delays: An Occasional Journal of Aesthetics and Politics (online journal; "current criticism, critical theory, art and new media")
Impact (contemporary U.S. socio-political issues; online articles)
J_Spot: Journal of Social and Political Thought (online journal covering "intersections between theory, politics and political action, aesthetics, cultural criticism, and social and economic justice")
NeoPolitique: Principles for a Postmodern Era (journal edited by students of School of Government, Regent U.)
The Netizen ("where travelers in cyberspace can keep an eye on the old-media, old-economy circus that is the US presidential election") (HotWired Ventures)
Course Syllabi
Pei-te Lien (U. Utah), Asian Americans in the U.S. Political System (Senior Seminar, 1997) 
Politics and Government Studies Conferences
Activism and the Academy: Opening Dialogues (March 27-28, 1998, George Washington U.) ("we have two major goals for this conference: one, to initiate communication with activists who can inform academic inquiry; and, two, to explore ways in which academic inquiry can benefit activists")

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