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Authors and Anonymous Works
Arthurian Studies   Suggest a Link
General Arthurian Resources
The Alternative King Arthur ("examines unusual topics, or mainstream topics in an unusual way. Its driving force is the desire to tease out the Celtic origins of Arthurian myth")
Arthuriana on the Web (annotated links)(Normon Hinton for ORB)
Arthurnet Resource Page (for Arthurian enthusiasts of all walks;links to texts,images, bibliographies, more)(Judy Shoaf, U. Florida)
Siân Echard's Medieval and Arthurian Pages 
Tom Green's Arthurian Resources Website (scholarly site includes pages on historicity, literature, and concepts)
Baragona's Arthurian Legend Page (Alan Baragona, Virginia Military Institute)
David Nash Ford King Arthur Basics 
The Camelot Project ("Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies and basic information")(Alan Lupack and Barbara Tepa Lupack,U. Rochester)
Dell Skeels Continental Arthurian Literature  (modern English translations of Anglo-Norman, Breton, Dutch, French, and German sources) (The Celtic Literature Collective)
A Guide to King Arthur's Forgotten Realm (undergraduate research project; includes photo essay of travel to Arthurian sites in Britian) (Joseph W. C. Boyles and W. J. Livingstone, III, Birmingham U. )
King Arthur: A Man for the Ages (both scholarly and popular information)
Labyrinth Arthurian Studies Pages (extensive links to texts and topics, medieval to modern)(Georgetown U.)
The Quest (Arthurian resources)(U. Idaho)
Vortigern Studies ("an initiative based in the Netherlands, dedicated to the study of the period between the Roman occupation of Britain and the Early Middle Ages; focuses primarily on the person of Vortigern; includes histories, source documents, bibliographies and maps,") (Robert Vermaat)
Authors and Texts
Arthurian Literature Online (the largest English language database of digital Arthurian literature, medieval to modern)(Camelot Project, U.Rochester)
The Alliterative Morte Arthure
Sian Echard (U. of British Columbia) Reading the Alliterative Morte Arthure (guide to pronunciation of text)
The Alliterative Morte Arthure (Humanities Text Initiative, U. Michigan)
The Alliterative Morte Arthure (ed. Valerie Krishna) (TEI-conformant; U. Virginia)
Morte Arthure (e-text of Brock's EETS edition) (English Poetry Full-Text Database, U. of New Brunswick)
The Gawain/Pearl Poet
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Middle English text)(Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse, U. Michigan)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (modern translation)
Various Titles
Of Arthour and of Merlin (edition of Auchinleck MS text) (National Library of Scotland)
The Avowyng of Arthur (commentary and glossed text)(TEAMS and the Camelot Project) (U. Rochester, NY)
The Awntyrs off Arthur (commentary and glossed text)(TEAMS and Camelot Project, U. Rochester, NY)
Bran (anon.Old Breton poem; modern English with commentary)(Dell Skeels,The Celtic Literature Collective)
Diu Krône (Gawain and the Grail) (modern English trans. Jessie L. Weston) (Dell Skells, The Celtic Literature Collective)
High History of the Holy Graal (modern English)(Online Medieval and Classical Library, Berkeley)
The Prose Lancelot  (color images of illuminated manuscript Yale MS 229) (Yale U.,Rare Book and Ms. Library)
The Mabinogion (illustrated e-text of Lady Charolotte Guest's translation)(Mystic Realms.org)
The Prose Merlin (commentary and glossed text)(TEAMS and Camelot Project, U. Rochester, NY)
The Vulgate Cycle (aka Lancelot-Grail)
The Vulgate Cycle: An Overview (Mary Jones, Celtic Encyclopedia)
The Vulgate Cycle: A Literature Review (King Arthur: A Man for the Ages)
House of Bards Anthology (a collection of English, Welsh, and Continental sources,some very difficult to find elsewhere)
Chretien de Troyes
The Charrette Project (texts, background, and criticism of Chretien de Troyes' Le chevalier de la charrette; "a scholarly, multi-media electronic archive")(Princeton U.)
Chevalier au lion (transcriptions in Old French from a number of manuscripts) (Laboratoire de français ancien, U. of Ottawa)
Chevalier au lion: Transcription synoptique des manuscrits et fragments  (manuscript description and transcription into Old French, as part of the LAF hosted by U. of Ottawa) (Kajsa Meyer, U. of Copenhagen)
Cliges (modern English,W.W.Comfort, trans.)(Online Medieval and Classical Library; U. California, Berkeley)
Le Conte du Graal (Perceval) (in Old French;transcription of ms BN fr 794)(Pierre Kunstman, U. of Ottawa)
Erec et Enide (modern English,W.W.Comfort, trans.)(Online Medieval and Classical Library; U. California, Berkeley)
Erec et Enide (in Old French) (Rennes U.)
Lancelot, or the Knight of the Cart (modern English,W.W.Comfort, trans.)(Online Medieval and Classical Library; U. California, Berkeley)
Yvain, or the Knight with the Lion (modern English,W.W.Comfort, trans.)(Online Medieval and Classical Library; U. California, Berkeley)
Perceval: Continuations and Supplements
Perceval: The Elucidation ("Translated from the Perceval B.N. 12576; it is an anonymous1 prologue appended to Chretien de Troyes' Perceval, and was translated by Sebastian Evans.") (Celtic Literature Collective)
Sir Gawain and the Grail ("The Gawain episode from the First Continuation of Perceval.Trans. by Jessie L. Weston") (Celtic Literature Collective)
Sir Gawain and The Lady of Lys ("Perceval Continuation One: the Pseudo-Wauchier trans. by Jessie L. Weston") (Celtic Literature Collective)
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Judith Weiss Geoffrey Monmouth (biography, hosted by the Literary Encyclopedia web site) (U. of Cambridge
David Nash Ford Geoffrey of Monmouth  (biography,bibliography)
Michael Ullyot Geoffrey of Monmouth (extended discussion of geoffrey, with emphasis on questions of sources, within a larger site devoted to the myth of Troy in the middle Ages)(U. of Toronto)
De Excidio Britonum  (modern English) (Mystic Realms.org)
De Excidio Brittaniae et Conquestu (modern English trans. J. A. Giles) (The Celtic Literature Collective)
Caradoc of Llangarfan: The Life of Gildas (Medieval Sourcebook)
Brut (full text) (Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse, U. Michigan)
Brut MS Cotton Caligula (Electronic Text Center U. Virginia)
Brut MS Cotton Otho (Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia)
Layamon (bio,overview, extract and bib)(Online Companion to Medieval Literature; Heinrich-Heine U. of Duesseldorf )
Malory (also see Malory entry under Authors and Anonymous Works)
Sir Thomas Malory Anthology (Anniina Jokinen)
Le Morte dArthur (complete text in Middle English with Caxton's preface)(U. Michigan Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse)
Le Mort dArthur (excerpt) (based on Vinaver ed.)(U. Idaho)
The Sir Thomas Malory Society 
Marie de France
Chevrefoil (modern English trans. Judith P. Shoaf. Translator's note: "Instructors who wish to print out the materials for their students, and others who want to use them for various purposes, should request permission from Judy Shoaf, jshaof@clas.ufl.edu") (Dell Skeels, The Celtic Literature Collective)
Lanval (modern English trans. by Judith P. Shoaf. Translator's note: "Instructors who wish to print out the materials for their students, and others who want to use them for various purposes, should request permission from Judy Shoaf, jshaof@clas.ufl.edu) (Dell Skeels, The Celtic Literature Collective)
Marie de France Society 
Marie de France-Catholic Encyclopedia entry 
Historia Brittonum (Avalon Project, Yale U.)
Robert de Boron
Didot Perceval ( The Romance of Perceval in Prose, trans. Dell Skeels) (Celtic Literature Collective)
Mort Artu (Celtic Literature Collective)
Robert de Boron: A Literature Review (includes biographical and literary information)(King Arthur: A Man for the Ages)
Maistre Wace (in French and English)
Wace, Layamon, and the Alliterative Morte Arthur (brief discussion of Roman de Brut )
Roman de Brut (modern English; extract of the Arthurian portion) (Eugene Mason)
Arthurian Chronicles: Roman de Brut (modern English extract) (Eugene Mason for Penn State U.)
Wolfram von Eschenbach
Parzival (summary) (in modern English)(Michael McGoodwin)
Parzival (commentary and text) (synoptically arranged with contemporary translations)(Albert K. Wimmer, U. Notre Dame)
Wolfram von Eschenbach (biography, commentary, links to text)(Monsalvat Parsifal Project)
Parzival in the Grail Castle (excerpt) (English trans. by Edwin H. Zeydel)(U.Idaho)
Wolfram von Eschenbach (brief biographical entry)(Catholic Encyclopedia)
Parzival  (full text in German)(TITUS Project)
Journals and Societies
Arthuriana (journal and society)
Oxford Arthurian Society 
Geographic Sites (places associated with events in Arthurian literature)
Avalon (U. Idaho)
Glastonbury Abbey (alleged burial place of Arthur and Guinevere)(official site)
Glastonbury (extract from Geoffrey Ashe book, Arthurian Britian )
Sites of Arthurian Legend (index of brief articles about places in Great Britian associated with Arthurian material) (Erin Ogden-Korus / The Quest)
Stonehenge ("significant to Arthurian legend is the belief that Merlin caused the stones to be brought, over sea and land, from Ireland")(U.Idaho)
Tintagel (the purported site of the conception of Arthur)(U. Idaho)
Arthuriana Pedagogical Resources (Alan Baragona, Arthuriania, Southern Methodist U.)
Arthurian Legends: A Web Based Interdisciplinary Approach for Educators (lesson plans, methods, sources and backgrounds; designed for secondary school)(Katherine Eisenhower, U. Illinois Urbana-Champagne)
King Arthur Aloud ("As a service to both teachers and students, we have collected recordings by medieval scholars of passages from Arthurian texts in Middle and Early Modern English, Welsh, Anglo-Norman, Old French, and Middle High German. The purpose of these recordings is to give a sense of how the texts might have sounded to the original readers, so the emphasis is on accuracy of pronunciation according to current knowledge.")(Arthuriana)

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